Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Little Covergirl!

Well we have some dance competitions coming up in the next few months for Kaitlyn and one of them had a Covergirl Competition. You send in a photo (and money of course) and they judge the picture...from that, they name a Covergirl Queen, Princess, etc. All of the entrys will get their picture in the program and will get a small trophy. So we decided to enter my beautiful little girl!

I took the picture at home - I hope they will not judge it poorly by the sheet as the backdrop! :)

Anyway, so here is the picture of MY LITTLE COVERGIRL!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Time Flies

Well here we are in February already! I cannot believe how time flies so quickly!
We had a terrific Christmas, the kids loved everything they got and we had a great time as a family!
Kaitlyn has now lost 3 teeth! She is just getting bigger and bigger every day!
We have all been sick in our household the past couple of weeks. YUCK! But it amazes me how much love and compassion that my little girl has!
I know I must be teaching her something right! She has been such a helpful, caring person while I have been down sick. I just cannot believe what a terrific little person she is!
I will put more pictures on soon!