Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bedroom decorating help!!

OK, friends...I need some help! My husband and I gave our kids the choice of getting a bedroom makeover for their birthdays this year and they all loved the idea! So we are doing the whole 9 yards - down to the carpets! Anyhow, my will be 15 year old son is not giving me any cool teen boy bedroom ideas! And I am having a hard time deciphering anything cool either! Right now he has a sports themed bedroom, which totally fits him! But it is a little juvenile! I am thinking of either a more hip sports themed room - or something funky and geometric like gray walls with white, black and like bright yellow as accent colors...but I am stuck!

Kylee will be turning 13 and we have her planned out already! She liked black, white and hot pink! I am thinking something like this

with pink walls, silver bed, mirror accents...should be fun!

And my other daughter will be turning 10! She picked out this bedspread

and wants the room decorated around that. She has a metal daybed and has willed me into painting it a bright orange. The other colors in the bedspread are turquoise, hot pink and lime green. She also will be getting my mom's antique vanity, like this one

and we were thinking of painting that hot pink and her dresser turquoise. My problem is with all of that color in the furniture, WHAT do I do on the walls? I hate to just have them boring old white...but I don't want her to not be able to sleep at night because it is lit up like a Christmas tree with all of the color in there either!

So any suggestions, pics that you have found, pics of your own room makeovers, etc would be appreciated!!!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Nephew's Birthday

This weekend we had my nephew, Brody's 5th birthday party! I cannot believe he is 5 already! That is crazy!! He is such a little basketball player! Always in Jazz gear and ALWAYS shooting hoops!!Here is Bowe getting in on the action!Brody making a shot...and usually makes it!!Nice form Jason! :)The girl's just LOVE Maguire! Kaitlyn loves to take him around in the wagon...And Kylee was taking him for a ride on the scooter!Time for cake! I made it basketball themed of course and used a whipped cream yummy, but not the best for I had to just put my perfectionist side away for a while and be OK with it! It did turn out pretty good, but it still makes my nerves rattled to see the cake peeking through on the edges! RRrrrr.... :)Make a wish!Brody could not wait to eat the besketball hoop! Everything was edible so eat up buddy!And he really tore up that cake! Must have been yummy!After eating cake, Maguire decided to wrestle with Jason!And Jason let him win!!But Jason did not let Bowe win! Ha ha!!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

My Greatest Creation Ever!

This past weekend, my daughter participated in a dance competition! She entered her solo as well as the team dance. They all did so good and I am so proud of my little dancer! She is absolutely, without a doubt, the greatest thing I have done in my entire life! Here are a few pictures and the video of her solo! Congratulations Kaitlyn!!
Here is Kaitlyn in her solo outfit...all ready to perform!
I made her put her arm around Manny for a picture...does it not look like an awkward first date?
Competition was tough this year, Kaitlyn was bumped up to the intermediate category - but she did really good and took 1st runner up out of the 5 girls she went against! Good job!!
And here she is in her "Spanish Rose" outfit...the team dance!
Her and Nevaeh, her best friend hung out all day! Competitions are even more fun when you share the excitement with your best friend!! Their team did really good! We were all so proud of them! Congratulations Juniors!!
And here is Kaitlyn's solo video! Obviously I am the typical model of a proud mom!! :)

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've Been Featured!

So the day has finally come in my little blog world...I was featured! :) It is almost silly how something so little means so much to me! Head on over to Women Who Do It All and check it out!!
ALSO...this is now my 93rd post! I am getting so close to my 100th! So I decided, since I am so excited that my little blog is starting to make a name for itself, that I am going to do a giveaway for my friends and followers!
...Stay Tuned!!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dayspring Giveaway!

I love giveaways, although I NEVER win! One of these days maybe my luck with turn! And I am really hoping it is with this one! Over at The Nester I learned of DaySpring! You have to go over and take a look. These little wooden signs/quotes are what they call book crops! So cute and so simple! You can even go over to their site and design your very own!
I am in love with the ones with the music on them!!
I designed this frame on their site! I do love all of the book crops, but I am a sucker for picture frames! Head on over and take a look!

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Post it Note Tuesday

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010!

This Easter, we did not get the kids for Easter morning...:( Sad! Kaitlyn was going with her dad and Kylee and Bowe have made it kind of a tradition with their mom to go up to the Sand Dunes for the Spring Break! Since the Easter Bunny was not going to make a stop at our childless house, we just got the kiddos some presents before hand!

Here is Kaitlyn in her new tank tops (in her messy room no no attention!)

She was jamming out to her new Justin Bieber CD that we got her when I popped in and snapped a can see that look on her face! And she was JAMMIN'!!

Since I was there, she stopped rocking out and sat for some pics!

And her showing off her new heelys! She loves those things! Happy Easter Kaitlyn!

Jason and I decided to drive down to the Dunes for a day to visit with Kylee and Bowe and so they could show off their skills! :) We also got the kids some stuff for the Dunes that they wanted. Kylee got new pants, a jersey and gloves and Bowe got gloves, pants, and boots!

Kylee is rolling backward in this cannot tell from my zooming in that she is on a hill...and you also cannot hear Rosie (her mom) freaking out because she was rolling backwards! Hillarious!

But she got out of it and headed back down!

Kylee is all matching now in her pink and black gear!

Bowe's friend Tyler and his dad went down with them as well! Which was nice for Bowe!

Rosie and Kylee taking off!

Smile for the camera honey!!

Bowe and Tyler were gonna race up the hill...

Tyler said eat my dust...(Tyler is on the right and Bowe is in the middle) This was Bowe's first year riding a bike rather than a 4-wheeler and he did really good!

Here is Bowe coming down the hill!

Sunday, we went over to Jason's mom's house to watch our 3 nephews do an egg hunt.

Maguire and Tavin were so excited about the eggs and had a hard time putting one down to get a new one!

Tavin kept yelling "ball" and "basketball" each time he would find an egg!

Even Dixie found something for herself! jason's mom has 2 dogs and this bone was one of theirs...way too big for Dixie, but she took it over for a little while!

Brody beat us all out to the backyard and had his basket half full by the time we got out I only got this ONE picture of him finding an easter egg!

Overall, we had fun for Easter. I was glad that I had the party with our kids the week before, it is kind of sad to wake up and have no kids to be all excited to go out and see what the Easter Bunny brought them or search for eggs...but we got to do something special with each of them and they all had a great time!
P.S. yesterday I got a chance to made some new crafts...go to my other blog and check them out!

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