Monday, April 26, 2010

Nephew's Birthday

This weekend we had my nephew, Brody's 5th birthday party! I cannot believe he is 5 already! That is crazy!! He is such a little basketball player! Always in Jazz gear and ALWAYS shooting hoops!!Here is Bowe getting in on the action!Brody making a shot...and usually makes it!!Nice form Jason! :)The girl's just LOVE Maguire! Kaitlyn loves to take him around in the wagon...And Kylee was taking him for a ride on the scooter!Time for cake! I made it basketball themed of course and used a whipped cream yummy, but not the best for I had to just put my perfectionist side away for a while and be OK with it! It did turn out pretty good, but it still makes my nerves rattled to see the cake peeking through on the edges! RRrrrr.... :)Make a wish!Brody could not wait to eat the besketball hoop! Everything was edible so eat up buddy!And he really tore up that cake! Must have been yummy!After eating cake, Maguire decided to wrestle with Jason!And Jason let him win!!But Jason did not let Bowe win! Ha ha!!

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the Burtons said...

that cake is freakin amazing girl!!! and he is soo cute. whos lil boy is he? looks like a great birthday