Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day!

Happy April Fools Day Everyone!!

I really really like April Fools Day, I just wish I was more creative and inventive for the day!

Yeah, I know how to create and invent cutsie things...but jokey things are not really me! But I am so envious of those who are sneaky like that!

Like the one who put post it notes all over their co-workers office space...

Or the one who made a Jell-o mold with their co-workers stapler inside...

Or the one who switched all of the keys around on their co-workers keyboard...

Hillarious! My friend Becky, also told me of a co-worker of hers that brought some really yummy looking brownies, all moist with frosting all slathered on yummy looking that your mouth watered looking at them...until you took a BIG OLE BITE OF...sponge! Ha! That cracks me up and I am definitely doing this one next year for my kids! Along with the chocolate covered cotton balls! Can you imagine biting into a ball of cotton...YUCK! But I love it!

I did trick my son into eating a chocolate that was not a chocolate once! It was a little heart shaped Scentsy candle wax sample! It smelled like a raspberry truffle and once he took a bite of it, he dropped it and yelled ** "THAT"S NOT CHOCOLATE!!"

The pranks at my work today consisted of swapped keyboard keys, tape on the computer mouse, tape on the telephone receiver, unplugged mouse and keyboard, tape over water bottle(under lid), shortened height on chair, loud speakers, a ton of overnight bags stuffed in the night drop (yes I work at a bank) with easter grass in them, easter grass in and on top of desks...we had a fun day today!

But I need some good ideas for next year! So I am leaving it up to you all...tell me pranks that you have pulled or have been pulled on you...or stories of pranks! I need new chances to prank my co-workers!


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