Monday, April 19, 2010

My Greatest Creation Ever!

This past weekend, my daughter participated in a dance competition! She entered her solo as well as the team dance. They all did so good and I am so proud of my little dancer! She is absolutely, without a doubt, the greatest thing I have done in my entire life! Here are a few pictures and the video of her solo! Congratulations Kaitlyn!!
Here is Kaitlyn in her solo outfit...all ready to perform!
I made her put her arm around Manny for a picture...does it not look like an awkward first date?
Competition was tough this year, Kaitlyn was bumped up to the intermediate category - but she did really good and took 1st runner up out of the 5 girls she went against! Good job!!
And here she is in her "Spanish Rose" outfit...the team dance!
Her and Nevaeh, her best friend hung out all day! Competitions are even more fun when you share the excitement with your best friend!! Their team did really good! We were all so proud of them! Congratulations Juniors!!
And here is Kaitlyn's solo video! Obviously I am the typical model of a proud mom!! :)

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Letherton said...

love the outfits

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Elle said...

LOL they look so goofy cute pictures Kait looks like a doll face!!!!

Elle said...

they both look goofy in that spanish rose picture LOL they are cute, kaits pictures are beautiful she is a doll face!!

the Burtons said...

excellent !! well you were always such a great dancer its normal to have such a beautiful dancer yourself :) how fun