Friday, April 2, 2010

Is this what is called Yo Yo dieting...

I am frustrated to say the least! I have been attempting to lose weight and get back to a healthy weight - seriously - since October of last year. I have cut WAY back on my intake of carbs, sweets, pop, etc...and started spending some time on the treadmill (although I know that is one thing I can still improve upon) in doing that I was able to lose 20 lbs! Yeah! That is a start I say to I keep going with it and what happens from there...NOTHING! I stay there! UGH!

So I have decided to try something a little different to give my body a kick start back into the losing side of things (since I am still overweight by my height standards!) So I decide to try the HCG diet. My friend did it and lost 20 lbs in 3 co-workers husband did it and lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks...PERFECT! This is what I need to jump start my weight loss again!

So my husband, my co-worker Becky and I decide to all do it together...morale support and all!

$90 a person for the HCG drops...done

50 calories intake a day for 3 weeks...Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: black or green tea only sweetened with Stevia

  • Lunch: 4 oz of lean meat (like chicken, albacore tuna, crab, steak) in a bowl of lettuce, add in some cucumbers, tomatoes, and a homemade vinagrette dressing made with vinager and stevia (not too bad), one fruit (either an apple, an orange, 1/2 red grapefruit, or 6-9 strawberries), and a melba toast

  • Dinner: Same as lunch, but cannot consist of the same meat

  • Drink 1/2 gallon to one full gallon of water daily

So really it has not been too bad to stick with the diet for me...sure I crave the mac & cheese that I am fixing for my daughter at night (because she does not like grilled onions and zucchini alone as the side dish!) And all this Easter candy is a little tempting...but I have done it fairly easily since Monday!

Now the premise is that you should lose 1-2 lbs a day.

So my husbands progress has been: 2nd day loss: 4 lbs; 3rd day loss: 2 lbs; 4th day loss: 1 lb=7 lbs down!

Becky's progress has been: 2nd day loss: 2 lbs; 3rd day loss: 2 lbs; 4th day loss: 1 lb=5 lbs down!

My progress: 2nd day loss: 0.2 lbs; 3rd day loss: 3 lbs; 4th day GAIN: 0.8 lbs=2.4 lbs down

SUCK!! And to make matters husband and Becky have both CHEATED! Yesterday, my husband ate 4 estra pickles, a handful of sunflower seeds, a COOKIE and who knows what else! And Becky cheated with a tortilla last night and eggs this morning! And here I sit, following the diet and I not ondid not lose...but I GAINED!

Now I am not one of those 125 lbs women that site and say how fat they are and that they need to lose weight! I am technically, by medical standards, 50 lbs overweight! It is disgusting...embarassing...depressing...not the life I want to live!!

So anyone out there that has suggestions, sympathy, advise, please...let me have it! :)

Today I am doing the HCG diet's official "apple day"...I get 6 apples throughout the day and only enough water to quence my thirst! Supposedly this is supposed to shout to the HCG in my body "Hey buddy, get to work and flush out that fat!!"

Here is hoping that it works!!

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