Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bedroom decorating help!!

OK, friends...I need some help! My husband and I gave our kids the choice of getting a bedroom makeover for their birthdays this year and they all loved the idea! So we are doing the whole 9 yards - down to the carpets! Anyhow, my will be 15 year old son is not giving me any cool teen boy bedroom ideas! And I am having a hard time deciphering anything cool either! Right now he has a sports themed bedroom, which totally fits him! But it is a little juvenile! I am thinking of either a more hip sports themed room - or something funky and geometric like gray walls with white, black and like bright yellow as accent colors...but I am stuck!

Kylee will be turning 13 and we have her planned out already! She liked black, white and hot pink! I am thinking something like this

with pink walls, silver bed, mirror accents...should be fun!

And my other daughter will be turning 10! She picked out this bedspread

and wants the room decorated around that. She has a metal daybed and has willed me into painting it a bright orange. The other colors in the bedspread are turquoise, hot pink and lime green. She also will be getting my mom's antique vanity, like this one

and we were thinking of painting that hot pink and her dresser turquoise. My problem is with all of that color in the furniture, WHAT do I do on the walls? I hate to just have them boring old white...but I don't want her to not be able to sleep at night because it is lit up like a Christmas tree with all of the color in there either!

So any suggestions, pics that you have found, pics of your own room makeovers, etc would be appreciated!!!

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Meeko Fabulous said...

Simple! Paint her walls a dark grey or a dark blue. That way all the other bright colors pop! :)

Elle said...

Nevaehs room is Hot Pink, Neon Blue, Hot Green with polka dots and strips and I love it wish it was my room!!! you should do it

Tara Williams said...

LOVE the girl ideas!! I'm afraid I'm no help on boy-stuff. I'm going to have to watch myself so I don't try to turn my baby boy into a girl. :) My suggestion is to peek in his closet and look at the things he wears most, and you should get a pretty good idea of what he likes...if if he doesnt realize what his taste is. Good Luck!