Monday, April 5, 2010

Blast from the Past Mondays

OK, so these are not SO Blast from the Past...but the differences in my kids are phenominal to me! I cannot believe how fast they grow up! It amazes me to watch them learn and grow!! These pictures were from 2004.

Kylee was 7 years old! She LOVED that guitar she got for Christmas that year! Kylee is now 12 years old...looks like she is actually about 16! This will be her last year of Elementary School and next year she plans to try out for the Softball, Basketball, and Volleyball team as well as being involved in the drama club!
Bowe was 9 in this picture! So cute in his fleece hood, ready to go snowmobiling with his uncle Jade! Bowe is now 14 years old and in his last year of Jr High! On to 10th grade in HIGH SCHOOL next year...only one short quarter of school away! Yikes! He is a terrific athlete - won MVP in football this year, is a great wrestler, and is just starting the baseball season now...with hopes of aspiring to be a professional baseball player when he is older!

And here is Kaitlyn! She was 4 years old in this picture! She is now 9 years old and is finishing up 3rd grade! She is a beautifully gifted little dancer and will be competing her solo dance in competition in less than 2 weeks!! She loves to please people, clean (other people's houses!), and do math! And I love that she still calls me "mommy"!!
I love all of my kids and being their mom (and step-mom) is one of the most challenging, rewarding, inspiring things that I get to do in my life! I would not trade it for the world!!

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