Friday, January 29, 2010

Blast from the Past Mondays

I have so many funny pictures and stories (and a few endearing ones too) from my growing up, I thought...every Monday, I will do a Blast from the Past post! Just a little to get to know me! I would love as well to get to know all of you out there! So please feel free to play along! Leave me a comment letting me know you are playing and I will visit you as well! :) So be ready for a good one on Monday! See ya then!

All About MEme Monday...

I was visiting my fellow bloggers and hae wanted to come up with something fun of my own to do at some point during the week - but I seen this on Supah's blog - and thought I would play along!

I was 16 - fearless - and as always, just out to have some fun! My friend and I in her little red, 2 seater Geo convertible and our other 2 friends in another car. Leaving Chili's we decided to have some run and race back to where we live. So there we are, sitting at the red light - both of our cars at the front of the lanes...revving our engines. Eyes twitching, watching carefully, the light for the traffic headed in the opposite direction...waiting to see it turn yellow...gearing us up to go...and then red - AND WE TAKE OFF - knowing in our minds that their red light means green light for us


did not think about the green arrow for the turning lane! Shit! We all ran that red light! Cutting off the turners

and soon enought, we see the flashing red lights behind us...damn!

Since we were 16 - fearless - and unstoppable - OF COURSE we got out of the ticket!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

And you thought YOUR family was weird!

So I got this email a few weeks back and it made me laugh! AND feel a little better about my own weirdo family - sorry fam! :)
Take a look at these amazing family photos! Hopefully they are not pics of your own families! Sorry if they are - I did not start this one! Ha Ha!

My family did always enjoy a full bushy Christmas tree - but a full BUSH is another thing!

I don't know what is worse...the matching jammies or that dude's pose! So NOT comfy!

Perfect family portrait attire!

I love how this one is all black and white like a professional wedding photo...and does not look like him, but is that my husband in the background? :)

Good use of props!!

I am thinking this is reverse fairtales and maybe that is the evil step-father!

Lovely, naked family past-time!


It is not enough that the "happy" Easter Bunny looks evil...but why the hell is there a foot lying in the background?? I'm scared!

Again, perfect family portrait attire!

Another fine example of some good props! Are you taking notes future photographers??

Ah, the life...Coors in one hand and breastfeeding your baby in the other whilst sitting in the middle of the freaking cold! Nice!! Next they need to go and all take a bath together!!

OR...maybe watch dad sitting on the blue fur covered pot!!

I don't know about you, but my prom pictures didn't have near the wonderful picture decorations as theirs did!!

Now here is a "normal", good looking family picture! Wait...what the hell...why is there a face smashed in the couch underneath them all???

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Post it Note Tuesday

It is Tuesday yet again - something to make you look forward to the forlorne second day of the work week! We all need a little something to keep us going through the week, right!!

Here we go...

...and I get severe, driving anxiety!

...and I know the person who had to wait for me to slide through the intersection was thinking I was a dumb blonde woman who cannot drive in the snow!

...I thought PMS was only supposed to last for one week out of the month, and I am pretty sure I have been this way more than just one week!

...Pretty Please...

...You would think by cutting a vast majority of the carb and sugar intake, cutting out pop and starting to exercise where there was once no exercise would do the trick...but I ain't seeing a ton of results! Ugh!

Also, please check out my other blog where I blog about the things I make, cakes, cupcakes, cross stitch, etc! Check check check it out!! :)

Queen Bee Jewelry

I stumbled upon some of the cutest simple jewelry today from one of my blog friends over at Beneath My Heart. Definitely check out the site! Or you can go directly to the Queen Bee!
Take a look at some of the designs she offers!

Aren't they so cute! There are many more to choose from so head on over there and check them out!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Did you know...

As I was blog surfing my favorite bloggy buddies, I came across my friend Emily's blog. She had gotten an idea from her friend Jalene. The idea is to reveal some little known facts about yourself that others may not know! It is a cute getting to know your friends a little better experience!
So let's give it a try...maybe it will bring me out of my ornery funk today!


I started dancing when I was 3? I loved the spotlight! My mom said that first recital while all the other little girls were crying or picking their noses, that I was up there doing every step - all smiles!

I used to take pride in tormenting my little sister? I would scare and tease her all the time! One time she grabbed her blankie, walked out the door and said she was running away and I shut and locked the door behind her...sorry sis!

Once we broke something, we made up instantly? it is funny how the thought of making mom mad always made up come together! :)

I called 911 a couple of times for incidents that happened at our house and dreamed that I would get to be on the show Rescue 911 that William Shatner hosted? Hey something good HAD to come out of the bad situation!

I pooped in our backyard? Hey I was 2 or so and out playing in the backyard...when the neighbors came over and told my mom I was out pooping in the backyard! I wanted to be like our dog I guess!

I was going to audition for American Idol? I had the ppwk all filled out, my songs ready, and then I fell and broke my tail bone a couple days before! Now I am too old! :(

I can twitch my right eye on command? it freaks some people out and I have even been poked in the eye when I did it and it creeped my friend out!

I have "loved" probably close to 50 boys? What can I say, I was always in love with love! If you read my diaries, I loved every one of them! ha ha!

I am glad that I have been divorced? I grew up and realized I can be an independant woman and I did not need a man to make me happy!

My greatest accomplishment is my daughter? Well I am sure anyone who knows me would know that about me! I love her so much and am so proud of her!

I can fold my tongue in half? Now I am not saying that I can roll my tongue like most people can do...I can fold it half way from the front to the back and have it stay there! I have only known 2 other people that have been able to do that - and one of them is my husband!

I love to read? I think my absolute love of reading came when I took AP English in High School! I read approximately 2 books most months of my life!

My favorite all time book is The Count of Monte Cristo? Read it in 10th grade and became infatuated with it! What an awesome story!

I LOVE high heels? I would love to wear 4-5 inch heels all the time if I could!

I abliterated my ankle 4 years ago? Roller skating with the kids is a dangerous sport! My skate stopped and my body kept turning! I shattered 2 bones and dislocated my ankle. It all had to be put back together with screws and metal plates and I could not stop elevating my leg for more than 45 minutes a day for 4 MONTHS! And then had to re-learn how to walk again!

I will never be able to wear the good high heels anymore? I am sure by know you have figured that one out!

I have a constant cankle on my left leg? I hate it! But at least I don't have TWO cankles I guess!

My senior year, my sister and I were best friends? She was in 10th grade and I in 12th and we were inseperable! We had some classes together, ate lunch together, everything!

My ring is not real diamonds? Some people might be disgusted with me - but when you go into a marriage with 3 kids, there are more important things! I LOVE my ring and would not have it any other way! Besides no one ever knows unless I tell them!! It looks real!

I am still scared of my mom? That sounds bad - but it is a mental thing! I have always wanted to make my mom proud of me and am always scared that she will not be!

In 8th grade I hid my report card? I got a 3.4 - NOT ON HONOR ROLL! I was so upset with myself that I hid the report card and told my mom we did not get it yet!

I am NOT a good liar? My mom could tell I was not being true!

I get panic attacks when I drive? It is not always, but if I am fearing being late for an appt or driving in the snow (yeah I live in Utah) then I get them!

One of the things I like about my features are my eyes? I have blue eyes and fairly long eyelashes and I love them!

So this was a little hard and took a while to think of some things! Try it out yourself!!

F Me Friday

So today I am having a bad day...yes it is Friday and I should be happy, but I am not! I am having issues. So today I am calling it F Me Friday! I will see if I can sum up my disgust as to not bore anyone who may read my little blog...
It all started last week when my daughter's dance teacher informs me that one of the mom's came to her and told her to watch out for my daughter...because unbeknownst to everyone else, my daughter has been beating up and tormenting her daughters for years!
So I was told the story of the situation as the other mom told it to the dance teacher...which involved my daughter pulling the other girl's hair. so I tell the teacher I will get to the bottom of it.
Now I know my daughter to be bossy at times, but not mean and hurting people - but hey, I am not naive and maybe my daughter is mean when I am not there to see it.
So I asked my daughter - she had a different rendition of the story and it did not include anything to do with the girl's hair.
My friend watches that certain girl most nights so I asked her if she had heard anything that had happened or if she was there that day in dance. She did not know anything but said the girl was there now and she gave her the phone. The girl told me the story again - this time the hair pulling turned into a tug of the hair but not hard to the point of hurting her.
OK, ok, so here is my last night...
I go into dance and go to the mom saying, I think we need to get this straightened out, I am sure with your daughter's story over here and my daughter's story over there, that somewhere in the middle is the truth. This is when she PISSED ME OFF - saying that her daughter is NOT the liar and that my daughter has not only hurt her daughter's on many different occassions, but she has hurt other kids too. So I asked her why I was not made aware of this if it were true and she said "I was hoping that Kaitlyn would just want to be a better person" Are you shitting me???? I am sorry but if someone was beating up my daughter to the point that she made it seem, I would not just sit there and do nothing in the hopes that she would "decide to be a better person". Ridiculous!
So dance ended, the teacher came out and we sat with me, my daughter, the teacher, the other girl and her retched mother. (no offense)
So the mom turns to her daughter and starts feeding her the story with things like "now tell us how Kaitlyn pulled your hair" and "and she pulled it like THIS and wretched your head back, right" and "and you were scared, weren't you". BULLSHIT! I can see where this is going!
Then THAT mom turns to my daughter and says "Now tell YOUR story"
Kaitlyn starts to cry and says that she does not know why they are saying she pulled her hair.
To which the beast mom starts yelling at kaitlyn telling her to stop crying and tell her story, that we listened to her daughter and now it is time for her to tell her side.
So kaitlyn tells her story...and we come to find out that the other daughter's story starts to change as Kaitlyn is telling her side - to which the mom says "she is allowed to change her mind"
She proceeded through the conversation to say how she thinks my daughter is jealous of her daughters and that is why she is mean to them...the many situations, turn into 2 situations and the other one is even more lame than this one.
I asked her if she really thought that a 9 year old would be vindictive and malicious over jealousy. And then the mom turned her personality over to a new one saying, "Oh NO! I LOVE Kaitlyn"
I am honestly still so pissed that she would insinuate that my daughter is a sociopathic bully that intentionally hurts her girls on multiple - scratch that - TWO occasions!
I know I will get over it, but today I am saying F ME!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Post it Note Tuesdays

Here it is, another renditions of the Post it Note Tuesday! I hope all of you that actually read my blog have a better day than I have having! :)

On a different note - I was unsure if I should blog about this or not, but I think that if I can get any advise or suggestions from anyone out there, it will be worth it!
My little brother has had some problems in his life. His dad - my step-dad - had an alcohol addiction. His relationship with my family and my mom was always on again and off again due to whether or not he was drinking or not. When he wasn't he was the best, when he was - well you know how it goes!
Through a series of events that are too lenthly in explanation for this post, he ended up dying when my brother was only 11. My brother started smoking pot and drinking really early, like 12 or 13. I full believe that pot is the gate-way drug and my brother followed that gateway to whereever it lead him.
His latest and hardest to kick addiction has been heroine. I was hopeful that when his daughter was born that he would finally have the reason he needed to quit for good! He has been through rehab - if you would call it that - that my mom's insurance offers at the hospital twice and we found out the other day that he started back up again.
My mom is so scared that she will lose him too and I think that is why she allows him to live there with a phone, a car and pretty much everything he could want - but it is enabling him to keep doing this. She says that if she kicked him out and he OD'd she would never forgive herself...but I KNOW that he will NEVER quit living there either!
I watched Intervention last night and it scares the shit out of me that my brother will go down that same treacherous road!
I do not know what I can do but I feel that I need to do something to help!
Any thoughts???

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Post it Note Tuesday

So here we are again at another Tuesday - time for some more Post-ees!! Yeah!
So today I am taking the most current thoughts in the little head of mine and putting them to to speak!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Post it Note Tuesday

Today's post is part of SupahMommy's Post It Note Tuesdays. The idea (or challenge, in my case) is to "sum it all up in one neat n tidy little post it note".

And here we go...

:) Have a good day!!