Thursday, January 28, 2010

And you thought YOUR family was weird!

So I got this email a few weeks back and it made me laugh! AND feel a little better about my own weirdo family - sorry fam! :)
Take a look at these amazing family photos! Hopefully they are not pics of your own families! Sorry if they are - I did not start this one! Ha Ha!

My family did always enjoy a full bushy Christmas tree - but a full BUSH is another thing!

I don't know what is worse...the matching jammies or that dude's pose! So NOT comfy!

Perfect family portrait attire!

I love how this one is all black and white like a professional wedding photo...and does not look like him, but is that my husband in the background? :)

Good use of props!!

I am thinking this is reverse fairtales and maybe that is the evil step-father!

Lovely, naked family past-time!


It is not enough that the "happy" Easter Bunny looks evil...but why the hell is there a foot lying in the background?? I'm scared!

Again, perfect family portrait attire!

Another fine example of some good props! Are you taking notes future photographers??

Ah, the life...Coors in one hand and breastfeeding your baby in the other whilst sitting in the middle of the freaking cold! Nice!! Next they need to go and all take a bath together!!

OR...maybe watch dad sitting on the blue fur covered pot!!

I don't know about you, but my prom pictures didn't have near the wonderful picture decorations as theirs did!!

Now here is a "normal", good looking family picture! Wait...what the hell...why is there a face smashed in the couch underneath them all???

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Melissa Miller said...

Stephanie oh that is so funny! He! Love the Christmas tree.

Thank you very much for entering my giveaway sweet friend. It's always nice to hear from you.

~Blessings! ~Melissa :)