Friday, January 22, 2010

Did you know...

As I was blog surfing my favorite bloggy buddies, I came across my friend Emily's blog. She had gotten an idea from her friend Jalene. The idea is to reveal some little known facts about yourself that others may not know! It is a cute getting to know your friends a little better experience!
So let's give it a try...maybe it will bring me out of my ornery funk today!


I started dancing when I was 3? I loved the spotlight! My mom said that first recital while all the other little girls were crying or picking their noses, that I was up there doing every step - all smiles!

I used to take pride in tormenting my little sister? I would scare and tease her all the time! One time she grabbed her blankie, walked out the door and said she was running away and I shut and locked the door behind her...sorry sis!

Once we broke something, we made up instantly? it is funny how the thought of making mom mad always made up come together! :)

I called 911 a couple of times for incidents that happened at our house and dreamed that I would get to be on the show Rescue 911 that William Shatner hosted? Hey something good HAD to come out of the bad situation!

I pooped in our backyard? Hey I was 2 or so and out playing in the backyard...when the neighbors came over and told my mom I was out pooping in the backyard! I wanted to be like our dog I guess!

I was going to audition for American Idol? I had the ppwk all filled out, my songs ready, and then I fell and broke my tail bone a couple days before! Now I am too old! :(

I can twitch my right eye on command? it freaks some people out and I have even been poked in the eye when I did it and it creeped my friend out!

I have "loved" probably close to 50 boys? What can I say, I was always in love with love! If you read my diaries, I loved every one of them! ha ha!

I am glad that I have been divorced? I grew up and realized I can be an independant woman and I did not need a man to make me happy!

My greatest accomplishment is my daughter? Well I am sure anyone who knows me would know that about me! I love her so much and am so proud of her!

I can fold my tongue in half? Now I am not saying that I can roll my tongue like most people can do...I can fold it half way from the front to the back and have it stay there! I have only known 2 other people that have been able to do that - and one of them is my husband!

I love to read? I think my absolute love of reading came when I took AP English in High School! I read approximately 2 books most months of my life!

My favorite all time book is The Count of Monte Cristo? Read it in 10th grade and became infatuated with it! What an awesome story!

I LOVE high heels? I would love to wear 4-5 inch heels all the time if I could!

I abliterated my ankle 4 years ago? Roller skating with the kids is a dangerous sport! My skate stopped and my body kept turning! I shattered 2 bones and dislocated my ankle. It all had to be put back together with screws and metal plates and I could not stop elevating my leg for more than 45 minutes a day for 4 MONTHS! And then had to re-learn how to walk again!

I will never be able to wear the good high heels anymore? I am sure by know you have figured that one out!

I have a constant cankle on my left leg? I hate it! But at least I don't have TWO cankles I guess!

My senior year, my sister and I were best friends? She was in 10th grade and I in 12th and we were inseperable! We had some classes together, ate lunch together, everything!

My ring is not real diamonds? Some people might be disgusted with me - but when you go into a marriage with 3 kids, there are more important things! I LOVE my ring and would not have it any other way! Besides no one ever knows unless I tell them!! It looks real!

I am still scared of my mom? That sounds bad - but it is a mental thing! I have always wanted to make my mom proud of me and am always scared that she will not be!

In 8th grade I hid my report card? I got a 3.4 - NOT ON HONOR ROLL! I was so upset with myself that I hid the report card and told my mom we did not get it yet!

I am NOT a good liar? My mom could tell I was not being true!

I get panic attacks when I drive? It is not always, but if I am fearing being late for an appt or driving in the snow (yeah I live in Utah) then I get them!

One of the things I like about my features are my eyes? I have blue eyes and fairly long eyelashes and I love them!

So this was a little hard and took a while to think of some things! Try it out yourself!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking up at Friday Follow! I am going down the list, so here I am...but did I miss your followers widget.

~ Lynn

p.s. I am the same way when I drive.

Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

Thanks for sharing about yourself! It's always fun to read a little bit about the blog authors :) I'm following from Friday followers (a little late). You can find me blogging here:

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Thanks for linking up at Friday Follow! I am going down the list, so here I am...your newest blog follower!


the Burtons said...

so fun ! :D i love that you pooopedin the backyard hahaha how funny is that. im not a good liar either !!!