Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Post it Note Tuesdays

Here it is, another renditions of the Post it Note Tuesday! I hope all of you that actually read my blog have a better day than I have having! :)

On a different note - I was unsure if I should blog about this or not, but I think that if I can get any advise or suggestions from anyone out there, it will be worth it!
My little brother has had some problems in his life. His dad - my step-dad - had an alcohol addiction. His relationship with my family and my mom was always on again and off again due to whether or not he was drinking or not. When he wasn't he was the best, when he was - well you know how it goes!
Through a series of events that are too lenthly in explanation for this post, he ended up dying when my brother was only 11. My brother started smoking pot and drinking really early, like 12 or 13. I full believe that pot is the gate-way drug and my brother followed that gateway to whereever it lead him.
His latest and hardest to kick addiction has been heroine. I was hopeful that when his daughter was born that he would finally have the reason he needed to quit for good! He has been through rehab - if you would call it that - that my mom's insurance offers at the hospital twice and we found out the other day that he started back up again.
My mom is so scared that she will lose him too and I think that is why she allows him to live there with a phone, a car and pretty much everything he could want - but it is enabling him to keep doing this. She says that if she kicked him out and he OD'd she would never forgive herself...but I KNOW that he will NEVER quit living there either!
I watched Intervention last night and it scares the shit out of me that my brother will go down that same treacherous road!
I do not know what I can do but I feel that I need to do something to help!
Any thoughts???

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Mindi Hoellein said...

Wow. I have never really had any experience with this and so I dont know that I will be of any help to you. But I will say that keeping him in the house is enabling him, but knowing how my mom feels about us, she would rather have us at home so she could keep an eye on us. But at the same time, maybe kicking him out and making him see that he needs to change will help. I dont know Steph. I am sorry I am not much help but my prayers are with you and your family.