Friday, January 22, 2010

F Me Friday

So today I am having a bad day...yes it is Friday and I should be happy, but I am not! I am having issues. So today I am calling it F Me Friday! I will see if I can sum up my disgust as to not bore anyone who may read my little blog...
It all started last week when my daughter's dance teacher informs me that one of the mom's came to her and told her to watch out for my daughter...because unbeknownst to everyone else, my daughter has been beating up and tormenting her daughters for years!
So I was told the story of the situation as the other mom told it to the dance teacher...which involved my daughter pulling the other girl's hair. so I tell the teacher I will get to the bottom of it.
Now I know my daughter to be bossy at times, but not mean and hurting people - but hey, I am not naive and maybe my daughter is mean when I am not there to see it.
So I asked my daughter - she had a different rendition of the story and it did not include anything to do with the girl's hair.
My friend watches that certain girl most nights so I asked her if she had heard anything that had happened or if she was there that day in dance. She did not know anything but said the girl was there now and she gave her the phone. The girl told me the story again - this time the hair pulling turned into a tug of the hair but not hard to the point of hurting her.
OK, ok, so here is my last night...
I go into dance and go to the mom saying, I think we need to get this straightened out, I am sure with your daughter's story over here and my daughter's story over there, that somewhere in the middle is the truth. This is when she PISSED ME OFF - saying that her daughter is NOT the liar and that my daughter has not only hurt her daughter's on many different occassions, but she has hurt other kids too. So I asked her why I was not made aware of this if it were true and she said "I was hoping that Kaitlyn would just want to be a better person" Are you shitting me???? I am sorry but if someone was beating up my daughter to the point that she made it seem, I would not just sit there and do nothing in the hopes that she would "decide to be a better person". Ridiculous!
So dance ended, the teacher came out and we sat with me, my daughter, the teacher, the other girl and her retched mother. (no offense)
So the mom turns to her daughter and starts feeding her the story with things like "now tell us how Kaitlyn pulled your hair" and "and she pulled it like THIS and wretched your head back, right" and "and you were scared, weren't you". BULLSHIT! I can see where this is going!
Then THAT mom turns to my daughter and says "Now tell YOUR story"
Kaitlyn starts to cry and says that she does not know why they are saying she pulled her hair.
To which the beast mom starts yelling at kaitlyn telling her to stop crying and tell her story, that we listened to her daughter and now it is time for her to tell her side.
So kaitlyn tells her story...and we come to find out that the other daughter's story starts to change as Kaitlyn is telling her side - to which the mom says "she is allowed to change her mind"
She proceeded through the conversation to say how she thinks my daughter is jealous of her daughters and that is why she is mean to them...the many situations, turn into 2 situations and the other one is even more lame than this one.
I asked her if she really thought that a 9 year old would be vindictive and malicious over jealousy. And then the mom turned her personality over to a new one saying, "Oh NO! I LOVE Kaitlyn"
I am honestly still so pissed that she would insinuate that my daughter is a sociopathic bully that intentionally hurts her girls on multiple - scratch that - TWO occasions!
I know I will get over it, but today I am saying F ME!!!


Meeko Fabulous said...

Ok. I'm pissed. I'm coming over and I'm gonna show that little bitch (and her mom) what a real Mexican hair pulling is like. We don't tug to where you head pulls back, we yank until you have bald patches. That said, when shall I arrive?

Mindi Hoellein said...

Truth be told, this "mother" is probably pissed because Kaitlyn is a better dancer than her daughter...Ugh. Some people are so stupid!

the Burtons said...

i read this the other day and thought i commented on it!! WHAT THE HELL is this biiiiotch thinking?! tell her to take a hike shes looking for drama and its not your fault your babe is a better dancer :D