Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend of birthdays

As I said in my previous post, my brother's birthday and my friend's niece's birthday was this past weekend! Friday was a lot of fun with my family, a cook out and some yummy S'more's cupcakes!!

Saturday I spent the majority of the morning (from about 8:30 - 2:00) baking and decorating the Tinkerbell cake! I think it turned out pretty good! I really loved the way the flower and the bow turned out covered in pink sugar crystals! I really hope they liked it! it was my first actual paying cake job...so I really wanted it to look amazing! I do wish I had done bright colors on the whole cake and stayed away from the pastel colors, but maybe I am just being a paranoid perfectionist...who knows! :)

So the really good weekend turned sour when I woke up Monday morning with what I believe is a kidney stone! I have had them 3 times before, so I am pretty sure that is what it is! Ugh, I HATE these! Hopefully it will pass soon! Pray for me that it will!!! :)

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Family and Fun for Friggity Friday!

So I decided since it was friggity Friday (as my husband calls it!) I would post a few pics of family and talk about my pending FUN for the weekend! :) Sound good? Well allright, here we go!

First Family...

On Mother's Day, one of my 2nd cousins showed up at my grandma's house wanting some pics of her and my grandpa. He was getting some genealogy stuff together for the family. So we started looking through pictures and talking of how my grandparents met and where they honeymooned...all simple things, yet we never think to ask them!! So Interesting!! I learned that day that my grandpa not only boxed as a kid (which I did know) but he also wrestled! My grandpa and grandma met at the dance hall (club...whatever they called it back then) and my grandpa and his friends were out of town and trying to hitch a ride home and my grandma and her friends decided to take them...ummm hello in cars with strange boys...did your mother know I asked her!! :) I learned that they honeymooned in Yellowstone and also that my grandpa graduated from the FBI academy...I always thought he was just a detective on the police force...not FBI! Cool things to know! You should try this with your own family!

Anyway, so here are a few pictures that we dug up as well! I love them!

My grandma and grandpa on their wedding day! They look so young!My grandma and grandpa with my uncle Dean! Love that wallpaper!! I love how my grandpa looks like he should be in the movie Grease in this picture with his leather jacket! My mom is just a little baby! I LOVE this picture!!My mom loves this one with my grandpa wearing a Daisy Mae t-shirt! Man he was so handsome!!This picture is a little creepy! The lady in the middle on the top row (my great grandma) and the lady on the left of the top row...were not actually there! I guess when a member of the family was deceased, they would leave a spot for them and put a picture of them in there later...you can totally tell they were cut and glued into the picture! So weird! My grandpa is the 2nd from the right on the bottom...he does not look happy to be there!My little grandpa is the little boy on the left! He is so cute with his blonde hair!And this is a picture of my grandpa a few years before he passed away! I love you grandpa!!

Also on the lines of family, this week was my brother's 20th birthday! I cannot believe he is getting so big...he has had some hard knocks in his life and I just hope that one day he can move past them and become the smart, successful, loving man I know he is without all of the crap around him right now!!! I love you Jord!!

It looks like Jordan is about to sneeze! too cute!!

So we are having a birthday party for him at my house tonight...a good old cookout (my hubby makes fun of me for saying that, he says he has only heard Eddie Murphy say "cook out" who knows!!) and I decided I would make him some Smore's Cupcakes...just for the cookout! :) I sometimes call cupcakes - cuppies and my brother thinks it is hillarious (I see a trend here)...so these cuppies are for you Jord!!

And then tomorrow is some more fun for me! I have been asked to do my first official paying cake job... and I am super excited to do it. Here is a picture of the general idea of what she wanted...I have a few things already made for the cake and I think it is going to look so cute for the little 5 year old! I will cross my fingers that she loves it! I will post pics on Monday of the finished cake!

Anyway, enjoy your families and have some fun...it is FRIGGITY FRIDAY!! :)

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Baseball Team Update, 100th Post and a GIVEAWAY!!

My son Bowe is on the Orion Baseball team, which my husband also is coach for too! Bowe is SO good at sports and is such a good baseball player! This year, their team made it to the Championships with 3 other schools. Thursday they had 2 games, Wahlquist vs Rocky Mountain and Orion vs South. Wahlquist won the first game and we won the 2nd!! Yeah Orion!! Bowe pitched the whole game...which actually only lasted not even a full 5 innings because we run ruled them (no team can beat another team by more than 10 runs)!! 12 to 2 in the bottom of the 5th inning!! Great job boys!! So the next day we played Wahlquist! It was an edge of your seat nail biter! Both teams were playing so good! Every hit of the ball would either be caught for an out or would be thrown to 1st for the out. 9 full innings and the score was 0 to 0!!! So 10th innings starts, at this point we are in overtime and who ever gets a base hit first will win the game. We are up and we get 3 outs, no hit. Wahlquist is up and....they got a hit! Game over! The boys were dissappointed, but they played so good!! I am so proud of them all! Good job guys!

Here is Bowe pitching on Thursdays game! His arm looks like rubber he has so much force behind his pitching!!This was Bowe's first hit that got him a double!This was Bowe's second hit that got him a triple! I was cheering and too excited, I almost forgot to get a picture...so it is a little fuzzy! :)Picture of the score board! Nice work team!Such a handsome kid!!Friday's game - man it was rainy and cold! Not fun!Bowe played 1st base this game! Getting ready to catch a pop fly! And one of my cute husband!!

OK, next on the list...this is my 100th post on this blog! Yeah! My only wish now is to get some more followers, some more support, some more comments, some more bloggy friends and some bloggy love!! So in doing that I am going to do a giveaway! Nothing too special, but I will be giving away a pink decorated tote bag, a mini cookbook, a set of note pads/pencils, and a Willow Tree statue to say thanks for being a part of my little old blog!

Here are the stipulations: (each step will give you another opportunity to win - make sure to leave a separate comment for each)

1. Become a follower and leave me a comment that you are a follower!

    2. Become a follower of my cake/craft blog (http://www.stephaniessweetcreations.blogspot.com/) leave me a comment here that you are a follower!

    3. Put my blog button on your blog and leave me a comment with your blog site!

    4. Refer a friend to my blog and have that friend leave a comment that they are a follower (one entry for them) and that you referred them (one entry for you!)

And that is it! Simple, easy, fun! I will leave this giveaway open until the end of the month and will announce the winner on Tuesday June 1st!! Good luck! :)

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Memory of Ethan Stacy

I am not sure if this story has been heard around the US...but it should! I know that there are instances like this all over - all of the time...and it is unfortunate! More attention should be brought to them to bring awareness to child abuse!

I heard about Ethan being missing Tuesday morning when I watched the news. When I got to work, there were news vehicles going up and down the street and people walking up and down the street looking for him...his apartment he was staying in with his mom and step dad is half a block down the street from my work. My co-workers and I were just praying that they would find him, or that he would wander in our bank off of the street. His mother said that he wandered out of the apartment between 11:00 and midnight and she could not locate him.

About 2 in the afternoon, the ceased the search in Layton and moved a search up to the canyon...over 30 miles away...we knew something was up!

They did find Ethan. Mangled, disfigured, dead. And the story about his last few days to live is horrific! I can honestly say that I cried myself to sleep last night, sick that this could happen to a child...let alone a mother do this to her own child!

I know that Ethan is in a better place now and I thank God that he does not have to endure that pain any more. But I know that there are so many more children out there in situations like Ethan's. Please pray for them, keep them in your thoughts, help them when we can!

All I know is that I hug my kids a little tighter now, say I love you a little more, and be a little more understandable when they make mistakes! We were given our children as gifts and we should always remember that!!
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Monday, May 10, 2010

I LOVE being a mother!!

This past weekend was filled with crafting, dancing, and being loved by my family...MOTHER'S DAY!
Good or bad first...Bad? OK here is the little bit of bad!
My daughter had her last dance competition for this year on Friday and Saturday! And I will tell you, this competition SUCKED! Not that my daughter and her group did not do well...the people putting it on were terrible! They had Kaitlyn's jazz routine pitted against a hip hop routine and a lyrical routine! They cannot be based or judged the same! They had also sent out a schedule beforehand, yet once we got there the schedules were changed and people were not aware, so they were not there yet, it was the most expensive competition, they only had one set of judges so there was a break in between every dance, and the "wonderful" photography studio that was there to take action shots of all of the dancers, FAILED to take any pics of the first 3 solos...and my daughter was #3! The whole thing was just terrible! I will never again put my daughter in a competition run by Pageant Plus and I will NEVER take anyone to get photos at Avante! NEVER! But my daughter's group did do a dance that they learned in 2 weeks and did a really good job at it! So there is a plus!! LOVE my daughters facials! She is in the front to the right in case you missed her! ^
OK...now that I am over my ranting...the rest of my weekend was really good! I finished up the stuff I was making for my mom and grandma and sister for Mother's Day and my mom's Birthday!

Then on Sunday, Jason and the kids made me breakfast which consisted of a Cinnamon, raisin, walnut bread french toast, bacon and hash browns! The kids each made me a card (my favorite!!) and Kaitlyn made me a little gift from school (and bought me a 3 Muskateers...she said she looked for a 100 Grand because she knew it was my favorite, but could not find one so she bought this instead...and this was while I went back to get some pics that I had sent to be developed and then hunted around the store for her for 10 minutes...but how can you be mad really when you could not find her because she was up front BUYING you something for Mother's Day!)

Jason and the kids also got me the mini trampoline I was really wanting! No more sitting down watching the Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights...I will be bouncing away while I watch! :)

Then we took some time to go visit Jason's mom and my family.

My mom's birthday is on the 8th so it is always around Mother's Day! My grandma made a cake, so I made a brownie - cookie flower with fondant roses on it! Yummy!

I also made her these for her bathroom!

She was wanting some beachy pictures so I took some of the ones that I took when we went and stayed on Laguna Beach and added a few shells and a starfish! Love how they turned out!

And for Mother's Day, my mom wanted pics of her babies with their babies...so we had a photo session at my house a few weeks back and this is the end result! (sorry for the glare of lights in the picture of the pictures!)

I wanted to do something similar for my grandma, and this is how hers turned out!

My sister wanted an earring holder like the one I made myself...and I made her one! It was so cute and I FAILED to take a picture of it...so Mel...you need to send me a picture once you get it hung up and earrings in it!! :)

It was a really good day and everyone was so loving and appreciative - my kids all gave me big hugs (and sometimes it is hard to get a 4 year old boy to give you a two armed hug!) and they really showed that they loved me! It makes me feel so lucky to be a mom!!

Thanks...I love you guys!!

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