Friday, May 21, 2010

Family and Fun for Friggity Friday!

So I decided since it was friggity Friday (as my husband calls it!) I would post a few pics of family and talk about my pending FUN for the weekend! :) Sound good? Well allright, here we go!

First Family...

On Mother's Day, one of my 2nd cousins showed up at my grandma's house wanting some pics of her and my grandpa. He was getting some genealogy stuff together for the family. So we started looking through pictures and talking of how my grandparents met and where they honeymooned...all simple things, yet we never think to ask them!! So Interesting!! I learned that day that my grandpa not only boxed as a kid (which I did know) but he also wrestled! My grandpa and grandma met at the dance hall (club...whatever they called it back then) and my grandpa and his friends were out of town and trying to hitch a ride home and my grandma and her friends decided to take them...ummm hello in cars with strange boys...did your mother know I asked her!! :) I learned that they honeymooned in Yellowstone and also that my grandpa graduated from the FBI academy...I always thought he was just a detective on the police force...not FBI! Cool things to know! You should try this with your own family!

Anyway, so here are a few pictures that we dug up as well! I love them!

My grandma and grandpa on their wedding day! They look so young!My grandma and grandpa with my uncle Dean! Love that wallpaper!! I love how my grandpa looks like he should be in the movie Grease in this picture with his leather jacket! My mom is just a little baby! I LOVE this picture!!My mom loves this one with my grandpa wearing a Daisy Mae t-shirt! Man he was so handsome!!This picture is a little creepy! The lady in the middle on the top row (my great grandma) and the lady on the left of the top row...were not actually there! I guess when a member of the family was deceased, they would leave a spot for them and put a picture of them in there can totally tell they were cut and glued into the picture! So weird! My grandpa is the 2nd from the right on the bottom...he does not look happy to be there!My little grandpa is the little boy on the left! He is so cute with his blonde hair!And this is a picture of my grandpa a few years before he passed away! I love you grandpa!!

Also on the lines of family, this week was my brother's 20th birthday! I cannot believe he is getting so big...he has had some hard knocks in his life and I just hope that one day he can move past them and become the smart, successful, loving man I know he is without all of the crap around him right now!!! I love you Jord!!

It looks like Jordan is about to sneeze! too cute!!

So we are having a birthday party for him at my house tonight...a good old cookout (my hubby makes fun of me for saying that, he says he has only heard Eddie Murphy say "cook out" who knows!!) and I decided I would make him some Smore's Cupcakes...just for the cookout! :) I sometimes call cupcakes - cuppies and my brother thinks it is hillarious (I see a trend here) these cuppies are for you Jord!!

And then tomorrow is some more fun for me! I have been asked to do my first official paying cake job... and I am super excited to do it. Here is a picture of the general idea of what she wanted...I have a few things already made for the cake and I think it is going to look so cute for the little 5 year old! I will cross my fingers that she loves it! I will post pics on Monday of the finished cake!

Anyway, enjoy your families and have some is FRIGGITY FRIDAY!! :)

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