Friday, January 29, 2010

All About MEme Monday...

I was visiting my fellow bloggers and hae wanted to come up with something fun of my own to do at some point during the week - but I seen this on Supah's blog - and thought I would play along!

I was 16 - fearless - and as always, just out to have some fun! My friend and I in her little red, 2 seater Geo convertible and our other 2 friends in another car. Leaving Chili's we decided to have some run and race back to where we live. So there we are, sitting at the red light - both of our cars at the front of the lanes...revving our engines. Eyes twitching, watching carefully, the light for the traffic headed in the opposite direction...waiting to see it turn yellow...gearing us up to go...and then red - AND WE TAKE OFF - knowing in our minds that their red light means green light for us


did not think about the green arrow for the turning lane! Shit! We all ran that red light! Cutting off the turners

and soon enought, we see the flashing red lights behind us...damn!

Since we were 16 - fearless - and unstoppable - OF COURSE we got out of the ticket!


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Tracie said...

Turning arrows.....they will get you every time!!