Monday, July 19, 2010

My Dad's Birthday

My dad was out of town on Father's Day and his birthday is this week, so I decided to throw him a little party this weekend! We just had a BBQ at my house, but it was so much fun! I love hanging out with my dad and my brothers! We did not grow up together, my dad and mom separated after my sister was born and I was brother Travis was born shortly after. We have never been tight knit. My dad never really spent much time with us. My sister and I went over to my dad's approximately one Sunday a month, we did not have a room at my dad's, we maybe spent the night twice growing up. But I always have loved my dad and my brother's and love the time that I get to spend with them and be a "family" and not strangers!

My dad has always been a partier! Loves his boat, his beer and his BBQ! So I decided to make him a beer cake...not made out of beer, but looking like a glass of beer! My dad loved it and instantly ate one of the fondant pretzels! :)We had fun just hanging out...until Travis decided he could not let Kaitlyn show him up on the trampoline...Kaitlyn did 3 backflips in a row and my 6'1" brother decided he could do it too....well at the end of his second, he was right on the edge of the trampoline...his fiance Jackie and I were yelling "no" when he went for the 3rd flip...he ended up landing on the hard metal edge with one knee and one shin! Luckily after a couple of minutes to catch his breath, he got up and hopped up the deck to ice them...and then after we ate, decided he was good enough to play hopefully that means he was ok!! :)

They played 2 on 2, Bowe and Jason (both around 5'10") against my 2 brothers (both over 6' 6'1" and 6'4")! Jason said when Chase was guarding him, all he could see when he looked up was a black shirt! It was fun to watch! When they were done, they were all sweaty and we went in to cut the cake!My dad inhaled his cake - and once Chase and Travis see how much he liked the cake, they decided to feed him some more! :) My dad had fun with it though!I am glad we got to spend some good time together and it is all planned out to keep it a yearly tradition! This morning, Kylee is leaving for 4 days of Girl's Camp. She is so excited! It will be so much fun for her! Along with their list of items to pack, they were also given a questionnaire to fill out about themselves for a secret sister (like secret santa). So we got another girl's list and we were told to get 3-4 presents and to keep them all around $10.00. One of the girl's favorite things to do was "hanging with friends". So Kylee and Jason found a frame that read friends, I added some ribbon to assume the "hanging" portion of the phrase and added some little decorations to the photo mat. Her favorite scripture is Psalms 24 which essentually reads to have clean hands and a pure heart. So we got her a little heart pin with some antibacterial hand sanitizer.Lastly, her favorite colors were yellow, purple and green (which is also why I chose the colors I did for the frame) so we tied on some colored hair bands to her favorite treat, which was brownies! Kylee was super excited to give these to her secret sister! I hope she has tons of fun!!

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Too cute!!! You need to teach craft-classes.