Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flaming Gorge 2010

Every year, we gather together with a couple of our friends and their families and go on a vacation. Well, every year for the past 4 years. We started in Bear Lake, then Disneyland, and for the last 2 years we have gone up to Flaming Gorge! I LOVE that place! Last year, our oldest Bowe, had to have a hernia surgery so he missed out on the vacation, which was a big reason why we chose to go to the same place again this year! We had a blast! So here is my vacation in pictures!
Here we are on the 4 hour drive. Always makes them sleep! :)Bowe was not asleep for this photo, but rest assured, he fell asleep later on Kaitlyn's lap and woke up with a huge slobber pool on Kaitlyn's leg! :)I took this on the drive up. The clouds were like a ton of little cotton balls!When we got up to the camp site and set up, we noticed a TON of chipmunks, lizards and around dusk...MICE! I can handle the rest of the them, but the mice creeped us ALL out!
The kids took pieces of hot dogs after dinner and tied them to the fishing line on the fishing poles and lured the chipmunks with them. It was hilarious!The next day, we went rafting down the Green River! I love this river! It is not the fiercest out there, which is good for us with kids! Beautiful scenery, several rapids scattered throughout, a lot of fun!We stopped along the way to jump off some cliffs! Even Kaitlyn and Daycee jumped off a small one! Good job girls!! This was Kaitlyn's first time jumping! She was a little hesitant last year! But she had a blast jumping this year!When we got back to camp, there is a cove right at our campsite, so we walked over there, and jumped off some more cliffs in the cove!I LOVE taking pictures of the beautiful scenery!!This slapsh below is Kaitlyn jumping off her first cliff that was higher than a few feet high! I missed the actual jump but got the splash! This is her after the jump! Freezing!! :)Bowe managed to make his jump look like a dance move! Smooth!That night sitting around the campfire! Say cheese...OK, now show how tired you really are! :) Of course Kylee is still bright eyed and smiley!We went down the Green River the next day as well! Switched up the groups a little and headed off!Is it just me, or does Bowe look like Billy Idol here?Kaitlyn loved this little rock to jump off of! She jumped over and over...the one Kylee is standing on in the background is the one Kaitlyn jumped off of the day before (ie. the splash pic!)Sisters jumping together!Kylee was so gung ho with the jumping! There were a bunch of teenage boys and older men around the same cliffs that were scared and we all kept saying, you are not going to let a 12 year old girl beat you...are ya! :)I love this shot, the water looks so blue!I love this one too, the angle is great! It looks like Dave is going to do a belly flop!Jason was on one that night back at camp. Dancing around like a goofball, sticking out his butt and his stomach as far as possible! He does make me laugh! Then Bowe had to join in and be a goofball...but his goofiness always seems to consist of showing us all his butt...don't worry, I have "spray painted" most of it so you don't have to view all his glory! :)Kaitlyn posing with Bowe's hat on!A tender moment in the trailer...Kylee brushing Bowe's hair! How sweet! :)The last day, we just hung out at the cove, explored different cliffs, layed out in the tubes in the water and of course, jumped off some more cliffs! I even jumped in this day...but my cliff was slightly IN the water! ha ha!And then....my camera died! Well at least it was the last day! We had so much fun! Can't wait for our vacation next year! :)

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Elle said...

Very Very Beautiful!!!! I love it!! I need a vacation but its hard to with a child with so many problems:( we are going to try and get out to New Mexico and The AZ idk tho....