Monday, August 30, 2010

Ikea fun!

As I said previous, we were making the trip to go down to Ikea. I have to plan this since it is about an hour and a half to get there from my house! We found some really cute things for Kylee's bedroom and I cannot wait until I get it painted and carpet down to start putting it all together! Here is a preview of some of the items we picked up!
We bought some large, medium and some small of these babies! So cute and will be perfect for storage on her shelving!
This metal rod is about 21" long and will be perfect underneath Kylee's full length mirror - to hang...

a couple of these - in black, pink and white of course! They are the ideal size to hold her brushes and make-up! Sitting in front of her mirror in the mornings primping for school will be fun and easy!

We found this 14"x30" magnet board! The perfect color of glam silver! This will be perfect above her new desk with some magnetic accessories, such as...
Cute little circle magnets (in white of course)

Silver magnetic pen holders

and some magnetic containers - for smaller items!

And what is a glam room without a lovely chandelier

and a glossy black chair for her desk! I love the things we got and am so excited to put them all together and show you guys the results!

Also looking a little ahead to Kaitlyn's room (she loves polka dots) and I thought these little circle cork trivets would look amazing spray painted to match her room and hung up around the room to display her pictures or artwork! :)
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