Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kylee's Glam Bedroom

My dear little Kylee is now 13!! I cannot believe it! She is officially a teenager! Happy Birthday Kylee! Now make a wish...
What did you wish for? Kylee's wish this year was for her room to be changed from the blue stripe and polka dot room into a real teenage GLAM room! So here are a few befores....I did love the blue and brown stripes - plus they took me like a whole freaking day to paint! :)

Her little partial wall with the circles and mirrors where her vanity sat and she could get ready!
We decided to keep the daybed - but we did not want to keep the cream color of it! But here is the before of the pieces of the bed (I get so excited to start that I always forget complete before pics!) You can also see in this picture, the lovely blue carpet that goes out into the hallway...not very glamorous!
And to complete the blue theme, here is the lovely, came with the house, blue blinds! So 1980's huh!!
Here is some of the shelves and such that I took out of her bedroom. Some of the shelves I had painted brown to match her room before - so those will need to change...the light pink lamp will not fit the new style, that cream colored basket is a little shabby and the bronze colored snail will just not do as is!

Here are a few more befores...her letters that were hanging on cute little ribbons in her room - brown and pink of course -and an old oak colored picture frame!

OK, enough of the befores...let's get to the AFTERS!! Here are her new hot pink glamorous walls with her lovely silver daybed and new bedding!
She loves these french memo boards - the rectangular one was a light pink little girly print - so that had to be changed - and one of her grandma's found the new round one!
You can see her new carpet in this picture...SO MUCH BETTER!! No more blue!! And her circle wall is changed to a teenage girl's getting ready station. I put up the little holders below the long mirror that hold her brush, make-up, deodorant, etc.

Yeah, this pic is sideways, sorry....but here you can see the little hand painted scrolls that I did and I added some jewels to make it sparkle!

Here is what I did with that old frame and her letters. I spray painted the letters silver, the frame black and attached a cute little ribbon. Below it is a silver metal push pin board, which I turned into her jewelry holder, just adding the same ribbon.

I also added a little jewel to the screw that hung them up on the wall - who wants to see the screw sticking out? That is NOT glamorous!

I spray painted her little brown shelves to black and her bronze snail to silver. You can see the blue blinds are gone...I do have some white drapes to hang up, they just have not made it up quite yet...

We made a cute little work/craft corner for her on this wall. A black corner desk with a black shelving unit beside it give her a lot of storage on this wall and we organized her craft stuff with this cute striped boxes from IKEA. It is perfect - now all of her scrapbook stuff is in one box, all her jewelry making stuff in another, etc, etc.!

Her cute little light pink lamp - now a fierce silver with embellishments sits perfectly in the corner! And the new large magnet board (which still needs to be hung up by my hubby) is perfect for holding her pens, pencils, scissors, and those little round magnetic cups are ideal for her small embellishments like flowers and sequins for her scrapbooking!

We also changed out her clothes closet - that used to only have one bar across - into a double rod closet! So much more room! She has a whole other closet across from this one for her games and other shelf belonging stuff!

And of course NO glam room is finished until the chandelier is hung! I love this chandelier from IKEA!

I hope you enjoyed it! I know Kylee does!!

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Ocean said...

Looks awesome! My 9 year old is already dying to change her room. So, we may be doing that soon.

Mindi Hoellein said...

Everything looks awesome. GOOD JOB!