Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had so much fun this year with Christmas (my hubby and I)! We have been fortunate enough to have had enough money to pay cash for all of our Christmas without stress and still pay all our bills! We usually do make it but we also usually have stress, cut corners, and some credit card usage...but not this year! Yeah!!! Thanks hubby for working so hard!!! You are amazing!! It was also our year to have the kids Christmas Eve/Christmas morning (we trade off every other year with the exes) so we got to have our kids Christmas morning!! I love waking up and seeing their excitement to see what Santa brought them and opening all their presents while in their new PJ's with sleepy eyes! Love, love, love it!!!
I always have to take a picture of their Santa piles before they delve into them! Although I have learned in reviewing these pictures that I need to start pulling out my camera more! I did not get very many pictures - I will have to work on that one for next year!
Here is Bowe's pile from Santa... And Kylee's...And Kaitlyn's....And of course Dixie gets a stocking full of prizes too! :)Kylee got a bunch of hair stuff: straightener, blow dryer, 3-barrel curling iron, shampoo, conditioner, etc along with a new coat and a camera! It is so cute and completely matches her jammies she has on in this picture! :) Kaitlyn got a Nintendo DSi, a couple games, accessories, and a new coat!Bowe got a new snow-boarding coat, gloves, a new cell phone and a video game!Dixie of course got some new toys and some bones!Dixie trying to tear into her bones....And she succeeded! :)After opening all of the gifts from Santa and from Jason and me, we all got ready and headed over to my grandma's house!Emilyn in her cute little Christmas dress!My mom realy surprised Jason and got him a GPS - he said it was his favorite present by far!Emy got some new clothes and tried putting them on! Alexis got a singing teapot with cups that she was "drinking" out of! So cute!Kaitlyn got a microscope set with her dad and the second she got home, she wanted to pull it out and look at stuff! Dr. pepper, salt, pepper and sugar were among the experiments!And then Christmas was over (sad) and we ring the new year in!
Here are Kylee and Kaitlyn toasting in the new year with their favorite fake champagne!

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