Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kaitlyn's Birthday!

This December (2010) was my baby's 10th Birthday! I cannot believe it! My BABY! IS TEN!! Yikes! That makes me sad! But each step of her life has been so much fun to watch!
(this picture was taken a few weeks earlier...but it is my new favorite!!) Of course, if you follow my blog, you know that this past year all of our kids opted for a bedroom remodel as their present, so the party was very simple, family and friends at our house for some pizza and cake/ice cream!
Kaitlyn made the cake part really easy on me since she was dying to have ice cream cone cupcakes!
They turned out really cute and she loved them! I did them the colors of her new room!

She got many amazing presents for her birthday - of course clothes are the fav!

...playing Guitar Hero!

And now the room reveal...

New paint - I painted it "Clear Turquoise" (even though this picture looks light blue) Kaitlyn picked out the bedding and everything was decorated off of that! The little circles are round cork boards that I got at Ikea and spray painted to match the room! And her old PINK carpet from the 80's was replaced with new neutral carpet! It makes it look so much cleaner in there!!
As with Kylee's room, I took her old, light pink lamp and spray painted it a purple color that I LOVE!! And then just added some cute appliques to her shade
We splurged a little bit and got her a new dresser - one that she can grow with through the years! We just spray painted the handles the same purple color as the lamp! It gives her so much room for her display of trophys!! And then we added some more cork boards and some white shelves for more trophy storage!
You can see the real turquoise color in this picture! Nice white curtains now cover the window instead of the old pink blinds!
And this is her (and my) favorite part!! My mom's old vanity! I painted it white and spray painted the handles a pink color! It has so much storage for lotions, make-up, hair accessories and jewelry! And Kaitlyn spends a lot of time right where she is in this picture!! :)

Her closet before had on old hollow brown sliding doors. Kaitlyn REALLY wanted curtains to make it simpler to get in and our of her closet. So we added some pink curtains. The closet inside before was just one rod going about 3/4 of the way across and some small shelves horizontally. They did not hold very much and were very unsturdy, so we ripped them all out. Kaitlyn already had the 9 cubby shelf and we built around that! We made the top shelf up a bit higher than before and added another rod for more clothes storage!

Her room before was stripes and circles on the walls, so I already had these circle mirrors up and did NOT want to have to rip them off (that mirror mastic is a killer on the dry wall!) so I just added some cute purple ribbon to make them look like they were hanging!
I repainted Kaitlyn's name letters and added some jewels and purple ribbon to hang above her closet.

One last look! I love how it turned out and more importantly, Kaitlyn LOVED it! Happy birthday baby! Mommy loves you!!

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