Monday, February 14, 2011

Bowe took 1st!

Bowe wrestled last week at the sophomore tournament and took 1st place in his weight division! He did so good and I was so proud of him - especially since just the day before he had surgery on his "cauliflower ear"! Poor kid! But he is a trooper and he did GREAT!
(I cannot believe how big he is getting! He is turing into a handsome young man!)His first match was a bye. His second match was with this guy below. Bowe beat him 18 to 8!
His 3rd match was this guy below. Bowe barely beat him by 1 point with 1 second left in the match! This was a tough match!!!

And this was the final match to find out who was #1 and who was #2!
Congratulations Bowe! You are definitely #1!!!

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