Monday, February 14, 2011

My weekend!

For Christmas this year, my sister and I decided to get my mom a trip away from it all! So we went this past weekend to hang out and shop in Park City! We spent the majority of one whole day shopping! The weather was beautiful! This picture is from the balcony of our condo! it was gorgeous up there!

My sissy and I (ummm...what the crap is with my hair? I swear it did not look that poofed when I left the bathroom!) :)
When we got home, my daughter was dancing at ben Lomond's basketball tournament half time! She did such a good job!
Her kick is so good and so quick that it looks like she only has one leg in this picture!
And then yesterday, I took the girls to see the Justin Bieber movie and they had to get their picture taken with the Biebs! haha! What a fun weekend!

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