Friday, July 24, 2009

My new Kitchen....putting it all back together!

OK, let's start with the paint on the walls! That looks good!

Next, the floors go in! Lovely tile!

Now let's start putting the cabinets in! Ooooh, I cannot wait! This is looking good!

Now the countertops start going on!

It is getting there!

The backsplash is looking good!
Now the cabinets are in, the countertops are on and the backsplash is all grouted! Yeah!
VIOLA here is my new lovely updated kitchen!!
I love this new pantry - holds a lot more than a cereal box!! All of our food fits in here! Now we just need to buy a side by side fridge since we had them build the cabinetry to fit one!
I made this clock to match with the black accents in the kitchen!
I love these little star glass candle holders my mom bought me! They match perfectly with the red and yellow accents in the room!


Tarin said...

Very impressive decoration of new kitchen... Black appliances, cabinets and pantry all are looking just outstanding!!

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

Gorgeous! I know you just love it! I love the backsplash and countertop too.
Thanks for sharing!

Margot said...

I love how your kitchen came out! I was you decorate above the cabinets? I have lived in my home for 2 years and still cannot figure out what to do with that space. If you did decorate it, would love to see some photos. TFS!!!