Friday, July 24, 2009

One another note...or foot!

For those of you that know me, I am somewhat of a clutz! If there is something to trip over I will most likely find it and in high school I was voted biggest flirt...well that and most likely to spend the majority of my life in the ER! Well a few years ago, we went roller skating with the kids...hoping to have a good time! Well of course while I was only out there about 5 minutes, 10 at the MOST, I decided to do some turns...which was fine until my skate stopped turning, but my body did not stop! I remember falling to the ground and feeling this terrible, emense pain! I knew something was wrong! I could hardly breath and just layed there, writhing on the ground, while all of the kids in the skating rink started to flock all around me wondering what was going on! Well needless to say, I broke my ankle! Not only did I break my ankle, I broke 2 of the 3 major bones in the ankle and dislocated my ankle bone as well! So after I let the kids skate around for about 20 more minutes while I was dying from the pain, we were off to the ER. Sadly enough, they could not schedule me into surgery until the following Friday...7 whole days of sitting around with my ankle not attached to my leg! That was joyful! But I did eventually get into the OR and they put my ankle back together! Here are some awesome pics!!
Here it is nice and swollen and bruised!!

They made us write on my leg to let them know which one...isn't it obvious? Hmmm. my faith in the surgeon is going down!

The x-rays after...a leg full of metal! I hope I don't set off the metal detector at the airport!

He did a pretty good job. Thank goodness he did the right foot!!

He said my calf muscle was a little loose, so he cut me open there too to take a piece out! The charly horses were the WORST!!!!

At least since all of this happened about 3 weeks before out planned and paid for Disneyland trip, I ended up getting to go to the first of the line on most of the rides since I was in a wheelchair!

After all that and here I am 3 years later, the swelling never fully went down, I have had to undergo another surgery to have the hardwear taken out because the screws were coming loose and I will forever and always be known as "franken-foot" by my family!

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Meeko Fabulous said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so thankful mine is only a sprain! And I'm going to Disneyland this weekend and getting me a wheelchair! WOot! :)