Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1 - PASSED!!

So a couple of work friends and I have been taking the Wilton cake decorating classes at our local Michaels store! As of last night, we have all passed course #1!! Yeah! I think that we all did a good job - although there are a few things that I definitely feel I need to work on! :)

First, we had to make our cake at home. We started by baking the cakes 2 days before our class! Give them time to cool and set up and they will be easier to frost!
Mmmmm....carrot cake with a whipped cream cheese filling!

Now to ice the cake! Thank goodness for the turn table and the cake icer tip!!
Since I made carrot cake, I did not want to use the buttercream icing - I wanted to use the cream cheese icing - but it was not as firm and it made it harder to work with!
Emily and I decided to make our cakes for a bridal shower we were giving a co-worker! Her wedding colors are turquoise, hot pink, black and silver - so I tried my hand at the turquoise!
Not too shabby for frosting that is not firm - AT ALL!!
OK, we are now at class - let's make some roses! Melissa's turned out SO PRETTY! She combined some yellow icing and pink icing into one bag so the roses had a striping effect! Gorgeous!!!

Yeah, I got one on! Now I need to make at least 2 more on my cake to pass the class!

Emily is making her first rose and making it look SO easy!
My three necessary what else does it need???
Aga is looking very professional as she squeezes that icing onto her lovely blue cake!
Oh crap...once I got the wording on there, I hated it immediately! The V and the E don't look so bad, but there is hesitation on the L and the O! Maybe a bunch more roses will mask the ugliness of my writing! After three mis-steps with the border (one time I tried stars and wiped them off - then I tried dots and wiped those off) I settled for a rope border. Not too bad...but then I realized I started my border in the FRONT of my cake! So when I ended, I had a jumble of rope and it did not look too great!

So I added some sporadic roses along the border...hmmm, maybe a little too much!
Melissa - hard at work perfecting her beautiful cake!
Emily wrote "celebrate" on her cake. I think she regretted her writing as much as I did - but hers looks a LOT better than mine! That is for sure!
I love how Melissa's turned out!
YEAH! Here is my certificate! It is even signed by a Michael's employee - it MUST be special! :)
Emily with her final cake and certificate! Good job!!
Melissa with her cake and certificate! :) Now when does course #2 start....

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