Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Birthdays and Father's Day

Last week was Jason's birthday! My hubby turned 37! Man he is getting old...just kidding baby! :)

We had a small bbq with his family. Of course the Laker game was on, so the majority of the time was spent (by the guys at least) in the living room watching the game...as I tended to the grill!

He did not want anything fancy for his b-day cake, just a simple vanilla cake with plain old frosting and a whipped mm pudding filling. So that is what I did. In lieu of any fancy decorations, I just used hershey's kisses and whoppers to decorate the cake! It was pretty yummy!

The kids all had fun jumping on the tramp or playing the drums for the Guitar Hero! :)

Jason did not want to blow out the candles but Brody did so he got up to blow them out for Jason.

Although after about 3 attempts - but no success, Jason blew them out himself!

For Father's Day, we wanted to make Jason a fruit bouquet...so I bought all of the fruit and let the kids go to town! Bowe was not home, he was out golfing with Jason...so the girl's did all the dirty work with the cutting out of fruit!

Bowe did help us stick the skewers in the watermelon the morning of Father's Day! The morning of Father's Day, we all made breakfast for Jason. French toast, fried eggs, bacon, juice and coffee....oh and fruit of course!!It was delicious!!!
I think that Jason really liked all the effort we put into his special days!
We love you babe! Thanks for being such a great husband and father!!!

The next day, Bowe's girlfriend Shay and her 2 brothers (triplets) had their birthday party and I made the cake for them. Here is a shot of their cake! :) They are all basketball freaks, so that is what I made them! For more pics of the cake, see my cake blog {here}!

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Tara Williams said...

So darn creative!!! I love that your kids will help out with the projects!!