Thursday, December 24, 2009

Remembering loved ones!

Ever since my step-dad died, my family has always felt the sign of an eagle was the sign that he was not every eagle that I see gives me that feeling that he is with me...but today it did!

I was driving to work, on a busy road in the city where I live...not right near mountains, or streams, or rivers...and there was an eagle, sitting peacefully in a baren tree with a bunch of magpies. My eyes instantly started tearing up in rememberence and comfort, knowing that he was with us for Christmas!

I miss all of my family who has passed and wish that they were here with us still...but I take comfort in knowing that they are with us whether we can actually see them or not! I feel them around me, especially during times like this! Christmas, a time for love and family!

I love and miss you!!

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