Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Text Message from Santa Claus...

A friend at work turned me on to this new fangled idea of having Santa send text messages to your kid(s) during the Holiday season. So I checked it out ~HERE~ . It seemed like a good idea, so I signed up for the service for less than $6.00 my youngest - who is still holding on to the belief in Santa even though everyone at school keeps telling her he does not exist and her logical brain is also telling her that it makes more sense that me and Jason are "santa"... I figured maybe I can get her to still believe for another year or two from this little venture!

Due to a few complications with my cell phone service providor...we will not get into that!... she finally got her first text from "Santa"!! I had set up the first one to come on her birthday with a birthday wish from the big guy himself! But just a day later still was acceptable to her!

So I get a call from work after she gets home from school...

Kaitlyn: I just got a message on my phone from SANTA!

Me: Really? What does it say?

Kaitlyn: It says "Santa here, happy birthday I hope you had fun Keep thinking of some good
ideas for me to bring you for Christmas See you soon Love Santa"

Me: That is cool!

Kaitlyn: Yeah...gasp...what was that JINGLE?? faint sounds of running and muffling sounds of the phone
I do not see Santa outside, but I just heard a jingle!!

Me: (trying not to laugh) Well you know what the song says he hears you when you are
sleeping, he knows when you're awake...

Kaitlyn: Yeah that is cool...but it is kinda CREEPIN' ME OUT! Well I am gonna hurry and do
my chores so I can get outta this house!

OMG, I had to try SO hard not to laugh out loud! It was hillarious! Later that night, I looked in her phone to see if she had attempted to text Santa back...which just as I figured she had

it said...


I am pretty sure my ploy to hold on to her belief in Santa has worked!


Meeko Fabulous said...

Ok, this was a good one. It made me laugh, it made me tear up a little, it was heartwarming. You're such an awesome mom! :)

StepherB said...

Thank you so much for that compliment, Meeko! :)