Friday, March 26, 2010

Blog Header Problems

So I am really liking the blog template that I picked up today...but I am not loving the blog header! I am not one who knows a ton of stuff about computers...I learn as I go! But my headers that I made before only cover part of the already templated header and it just looks funny! I am also not too sure on the size of my signature. I know that I should use a better program, but when you do these things from work (ssshhhhh...) you cannot just download Picasa or one of those other deals that would probably make my job at this blog beautifying much easier!

So if anyone has any ideas or options for me, I would appreciate any help I could get!! :)

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Mindi Hoellein said...

Haha...I dont know how to do a signature thing and with the header I used my scrapbook program and matched the colors as best I could and played with the size til I got it to fit. FRUSTRATING!! I also dont have a clue how you did the labels thing! I just deleted it. How did you do that?