Monday, March 8, 2010

Bowe's Spring Dance and Grandma's Birthday!

My grandma turned 76 this past week! So we had a little get together and I made her a cake with her favorite color - BLUE! She loved it!

This past week was also Bowe's spring dance at Jr High! And this was the first dance he has gone to where he actually had a "girlfriend"! So of course, we made them all come over after the dance before they went to a party at a friend's house, so we could take some pictures!!
When they first walked over to have us take some pics, Bowe just stood there with his arms down to his sides...he is so funny! I had to tell him to put his arm around her or something and so he finally did! What a goofball!

Then we had to get some of the group of them! I love how Tyler (boy on right) has one arm around his girlfriend and one arm around Jordan's waist! And it looks like he has a pretty good grip on Jordan! Funny! They are a good group of kids...hopefully they stay that way! High school starts next year....let's cross our fingers!!

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