Friday, October 8, 2010

"BOO"tiful Blog Swap

Today I am swapping blogs with one of my newest bloggy friends

Cierra over at Crafty Cierra!

She has such fun Halloween Ideas in her new little blog! So read up and hopefully you can get some fun new Halloween ideas! Take a look and then stop on over to her blog and take a longer visit!!

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Hey bloggers! This is Cierra from cRafTyCiErRa I just started blogging last week, so be easy on me! I am a mother & wife. I love to craft & cook for my family! It seems to get me through those crazy days! I love doing anything that has to do with ribbon & paint! I like to do crafts that are cheap in price but look like they cost way more! I wanted to start blogging because I love crafting & sharing my ideas with others! My favorite craft right now are these Wooden Pumpkins for Fall! I have so much fun making them & I hope you will too! They are super cheap & easy to make but the best part many compliments you will recieve on them!

ITEMS NEEDED: Orange paint, brown paint, paint brush, green ribbon, green wire, scissors, glue, small wooden pole (found at any craft store), & a pole of landscape timber (found at Home Depot)

COST: This entire project cost me $12 & once you have the wood you can make TONS more!

1. Cut the timber into 3 1/2, 5, & 7 inch blocks

2. Cut the wooden pole into 3 - 1 inch blocks

3. Paint the timber orange (I did 2 coats)

4. Paint the wooden poles (stems) brown

5. After the paint has dried, glue the stems onto the top of the timber

6. Cut off 3 long sections of wire & wrap them around the handle of the paint brush to make curls

7. Wrap the wire around the stems twice so it will hold well

8. Cut your ribbon into 3 strips & tie them into a bow on top of the wire


I hope you will have as much fun making these as I did! Please visit me at cRaFtYCiErRa & follow my blog to see other fun crafts, recipes, & more! Thanks for reading & happy crafting!

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