Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jars of Halloween

This weekend, my mom, sister and I decided to have our Halloween craft night! My sister was in love with the little Halloween jars that she has seen others make, so we set out to make some of our own! We bought 3 different sizes of jars, a bunch of different tissue paper and we created!

It was so much fun to come up with different ideas like a scarecrow, Jack the Pumpkin King, Frankenstein, etc!

Here are my moms...LOVE the goofy look on her Frankenstein!!

And my sisters...Near perfection! My fav is the Vampire!

And my 2 daughters...Kylee made the small ghost and then went to the haunted house! Kaitlyn made the bat, the big ghost and the "halloween candy" with eyes! :) So creative!

And mine! I think the scarecrow is my fav...but I love how the witch has beedy little eyes and the green bow on the pumpkin looks a little like Aunt Jemima! :)

So much fun and super, super easy!

I would love to see pics of ones that you have made!!

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Anonymous said...

I know this sounds silly, but how did you make these... They are so cute.. I am not crafty at all but I want to be..lol.. Thanks, they are all great looking.