Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween food

I am so loving the Halloween season this year! I have never been huge on the Halloween kick, but this year I have found my Halloween motivation! It is now probably my 2nd favorite holida behind Christmas! This year I have tackled decorations and crafts, cupcakes and food. Next year it is my goal to take on a Halloween party and to actual have me and my hubby dress up!! :)

So I have already posted my decorations and crafts...and here are my treats!

I made these cupcakes for my mom's work. Chocolate cupcakes with mm cream filling, chocolate frosting, "dirt" made of crushed up chocolate graham crackers and worms!These are my take on the candy corn cupcakes that I have seen so many people make! Love this idea!These I made for MY work today! Lovely little sausage fingers! My hubby thought they looked so gross, he said even thinking about putting those knuckles past his lips made him want to gag!And of course some eyeball deviled eggs! I am loving the creepy Halloween food! Next year I want to do a bunch of different things for my party...we will see if that happens! :) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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