Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All I want for Christmas!

OK, so is it too soon to be thinking of what I want for Christmas?? Usually I think more of the kids and what they want, but with my new fangled hobby of cake making/decorating, I am very anxious to get some new supplies! Dang, I wish that Santa Claus still existed and the idea of asking him for something that is high priced would still be ok...since my #1 item on my list is a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer!!

I actually found this one on line at http://www.kitchenaid.com/ ...it is a refurbished 5 qt professional heavy duty mixer! It is amazing! Here are the stats...

factory refurbished price: $199.00 - original price: $419.99

*6 month warranty

*475 watt

*bowl lift design (not sure if I would like that or not)

*5 qt polished stainless steel bowl with handle

*burnished flat beater, burnished powerknead, and wire whip

*direct drive transmission, all steel gears and construction

*commercial style motor protection

*soft start


I would also love a bunch of new pans! I am already getting tired of my 9 inch round and oval pans! I need to venture out and do more! Maybe a set that I can use for stacking! That would be nice!!

Or some new cupcake or mini-cupcake pans!

I do not have a bundt cake pan either...so that is another option! I have seen the cutest little pumpkin cake made out of a bundt pan for Halloween! I would love to make that!

There are so many options!

Well, a girl can dream...can't she??

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