Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cake Update - Girly cake!

So I made this cake the same week I made my last 2 - but forgot to add to my blog!
This was made for my ex-husband's 2nd ex wife who is the mother of my daughter Kaitlyn's 2 little brothers...don't think too hard! Anyway - it seems that since she and my ex got their divorce, we are actually good friends! Who knew! :)

Kaitlyn said that she loves M&M's so I crushed some up and put them in a whipped buttercream filling! She said it was really good! This was my first cake I have made that I did not get to taste myself...sad...O well - she said she enjoyed it!
Anyway, I was excited to be able to do a girly cake for her so I could practice my roses and rosettes!

I still need to work on my technique - but I think it is getting a little better! Slowly but surely!

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