Thursday, August 6, 2009


I absolutley love my little nephews! They are the cutest little kids around! My oldest nephew, Brody, is always so exhuberant and lively! He cracks me up all the time! Although he only smiles when my daughter takes a picture of him...for me he just hides his face! My daughter took these...

My two littlest nephews (at least until my sister has her little boy!) were born within a month of each other! They are so smart and growing so fast I cannot believe it! They are now about 7-8 months old - but here is a little picture right after Christmas! Can you tell why the family calls them Burt and Ernie? Tavin was born so long and lanky and Maquire a little chubby bundle of joy! Too cute!

And here are my nephews within the past couple of months! Growing so much - laughing, smiling, having little personalities and as of lately - crawling! Oh Lord, help their parents in that venture! :)

Kylee with Maguire

Mallory and Tavin

Happy little Maguire!

Tavin - all smiles

Kaitlyn and Tavin

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