Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jon & Kate

So I watch a certain blog about Jon & Kate called
So I seen there were some updates today of letters that were sent in regarding the show and wanting to shut it down for the sake of those 8 kids! The first letter said to view the pictures of the kids on TLC's own web site - so I went to the TLC website and seen a link for Kate's Blog. The last entry was from June and is about the "new chapter" of their life. I read some of the attached comments. Now I do not know these people, I can only base my own opinion off of what I have seen and what I surmize about them - so do not take my ramblings as gospel...BUT
I cannot believe how many people stick up for Kate and claim her to be such a great mom and talk about how horrible Jon is! Although I feel that neither of them are perfect (name me any parents that ARE) I especially am disgusted by Kate! Maybe it is because I am a mother and a wife myself, but I cannot even fathom her as a nice, genuine, caring human being, let alone a mother or a wife! She is so phony and bossy and holier than thou! I cannot stand it! I think it is funny how TLC posts images of Kate with the children in her sections of photos and the pics of Jon are dorky looking caught in the middle of action photos! Tell me who they are favoring!
A couple comments in particular really disturbed me...
Kate-I feel for you..I was sad to hear you are separating but not surprised. I think your situation is a typical one. Because Jon can't be a man and make decisions you were forced to take on that role and now it is the one he hates you for. Ironic and very sad. I also think that although you are seen being very short with him his apathetic behavior has driven that and it was deserved. Now he's a typical poor guy who feels he needs to sow his wild oats because he wants to party and be young again. RIDICULOUS. He made a commitment when he married you and should work through it. I would like to see him be a man for once and not some boy who thinks he shouldn't have any responsibilities
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Because Kate was an absolute BI$@& to Jon, but Oh, it is HIS fault because he was not a "man"...because he is more passive than Kate, it is his fault she was such a rude, un-loving, un-compassionate person to her husband and essentially his fault that the marriage failed?? What is this "he made a committement" - did Kate NOT make that SAME commitement? It was not just Jon her lady!!
Here is another one...
Jon, Why did you renew your wedding vows in Hawaii back in February if you were already having problem?
Am I just an idiot or didn't they BOTH take those same vows in Hawaii - BOTH knowing that there were problems between them? I heard Kate on the episode where they admitted there were problems saying that it was been this way for 6 months or more before the out-cry about it all!
People just blow my mind!!
(stepping off of soap box now....)

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