Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flaming Gorge Trip

We have been trying to make an every other year trip with our friends Dave&Geni and Bryan&Michelle and their kids. It is good time spent with friends and the kids LOVE hanging out together! It was sad this year because we planned our trip before we knew about Bowe's surgery - so he was unable to go...but he was there is spirit! Here are a bunch of pics from our trip! Enjoy!

Kylee did not feel too well on the ride up! We had to stop and get her a puke bucket just in case...thank goodness she did not have to use it! Hold on - just 3 more hours of driving...

Kaitlyn was ready to go with her pillow and I-pod! Peace!!


We are it is time to hang out with friends...

and play!


Jason found a snake in our camp the first day! Luckily it was just a garter or gardner or what ever the crap they are - anyway, something that does not bite - no harm - no foul!

Some of the kids wanted to hold the snake! I think it scared the adults more than the kids!


Now for the best part...SMORES!


On the way to get the rafts - the view was amazing!! I love that bridge!

OK Honey - use those muscles and get us down that river!
That night it was a little rainy and chilly...since the kids could not go down to the beach and play in the water, Jason gave them a game to play - the first game was to split into groups of 2 and go around the camp site and find something interesting to share...the younger girls came back with "a cool rock" and the older girls came back with a piece of a cactus...OK older girls win! They did that a couple times...then Jason up'd the anty - go around the camp site and bring back a person to come meet us! So they headed off in their search for a friend with their walkie talkies in tow. Soon enough the little girls were saying "we are heading back with someone" and the older girls saying that they did not believe them...sure enough a minute later the 2 little girls came back with a lady...laughing hysterically...I guess this lady and her long lost love were making use of the rain and their trailer if you catch my drift...the younger girls hearing some muffled talking in the trailer decided to knock! When the lady heard what they were doing - she thought it was too funny to pass up - she told them just a minute while she put on her clothes and then came over to meet us...a while later - she also came back over to have "steve" meet us!! Too funny! The little girls had no clue what was going I thought this was one for the books!


The next day was VERY rainy! So we went and ate lunch at a local restaurant and got some yummy hot chocolate ( for me please!)

After we got done eating we went over to the Flaming Gorge visitor center. We learned about how they made the dam and got to go from the very top to the water level and feed the fish! It was fun and educational! We try to hit one spot of education for the kids on each of our vacations and they seem to dig it!

This one was from the top...

And this from the bottom! Breathtaking!


The rest of the day was gorgeous - we went over to the beach and some decided to jump off of the careful Kylee!

Kaitlyn got up to jump - and right before she jumped in, she got really nervous and then embarrassed that she did not jump! I told her that it was brave of her to even think of trying and not to feel bad! She said that Bryan was too far away in the water and she did not think he would catch her! I think we are going to do some swimming lessons next year to get her more comfortable with the water!
Then we went over and just played in the shallow water!
All packed up and ready to head back home...but Kaitlyn needed a "Frenesca" for the road!
And here are just a few more shots that I took! I love the scenery!! Beautiful!!

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