Monday, February 1, 2010

Blast from the Past Monday

Here we first Blast from the Past Monday! I found this first picture going through some stacks of photos...and I love it! Nothing better than the Roller Skating birthday party! This had to have been 3rd grade or somewhere about that time! I love how my friend Jennifer is posing off to the right and Megan's stance in the middle back cracks me up! Gotta love the clothes!
Obviously my sister and I thought we were hot shit back in the day! So we would take pictures of ourselves posing for the camera! First me...

Then my sister! Love the side half pony Mel! You ROCK those overalls with the pink belt!

Let me know if you play along! I would love to see some other people's Blast from the Past blogs!!

1 comment:

the Burtons said...

oo my heavens this is toooo freaking awesome! could we all be more cool? you had awesome parties. did someone break there ankle at that party?

and DUH!! you and mel are the shiiiiiznits. still. what a fun blog post, youve such creative ideas all the time! ill post my blast from the past muahahah