Monday, February 1, 2010

My weekend...productive - or broken??

This past weekend was filled with wrestling, broken bones, crafting, planning, and visiting!
Let's start with Friday. State Wrestling tournament decided to start on Friday at 4 in the afternoon! I had to work until 5 so my husband calls to tell me not to come down, it is cramped, about 100 degrees - to save all my energy for the all day Saturday wrestling.

I get a call around 6:00 p.m. from my hubby saying that Bowe, my step son, has probably broken his ankle, that he heard it pop twice while wrestling and even the trainer said it was too swollen and ugly looking to just wrap and let him wrestle some more. So my hubby says "I will pack up our stuff and call you when we are leaving so you can meet us at the ER".

Here I sit, all ready to go and I get a phone call from hubby informing me that Bowe thinks he is fine and is going to wrestle some more...ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? So swollen and ugly the trainer will not wrap it, but let's see if we can inflict some more damage!! Whatever!

He called me back around 10 saying that he won his last match and they are now going to stop and get something to eat and will be home...ummm...did you forget something...going to the ER to check out the ankle??? "oh, do you think we should?" Ummm, yeah!

So I meet them there and around 12:30 Saturday morning, we leave the ER with a huge, fat ankle, a walking boot, and an x-ray confirming a break!! And what does my step son have to say about it..."man, if I were that kid I beat, I would be embarrassed that I got beat by a cripple"!!

Here is the breakdown of Bowe the past year...August - hernia - surgery...November - broken collar bone - out 6 weeks from sports...January - broken ankle/leg - out 4-6 weeks. Bowe surmized that he is done now because he has had something wrong with the lower body, the mid body and the upper body, so he is done! I think he needs some CALCIUM!! :)

My sister's baby shower is coming up this week so I did a lot for that this weekend too - made some baby headbands, made a diaper cake, made some signs for the shower, made her baby's name sign, made some fondant decorations for the cuppies, and bought a lot of stuff for the shower! I cannot post any pics now - just in case my sissy stops by, I do not want her to see them! It is a surprise!
I also got to visit my mom and my little niece, Emilyn! She is getting too big! Here are some pictures!

Sunday, my hubby and I wanted to make a big family breakfast for the kids - well let's be honest, we made BRUNCH, not BREAKFAST! So we made hashbrowns, eggs, bacon and texas toast sized french toast! So yummy, but SO not on my low carb, low sugar diet! I was worried when I went to weight myself this morning...but come to find out, I had lost 2 more pounds since last Thursday! Yeah!

So a broken, but pretty productive weekend! I cannot wait until my sister's shower this coming weekend! I will have lots of pics to post I am sure!

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