Monday, February 8, 2010

My sissy's baby shower!

So after months of preparation and days of stress and a lot of money - I was very pleased with the outcome of the baby shower for my sister! Saturday was the big day and not a moment too soon! My poor sissy has preeclampsia and poor thing, swelled little by little the whole time! Hopefully our little Alexis will hold off for a few more weeks since she is not actually due until March 17th!
Anyway, on to the shower!

Here is the table all set up with the Pooh decorations! My sister has love Winnie the Pooh all growing up and is even doing Alexis' room in Winnie the Pooh, so it was natural that we themed the party in pooh! My family are all oddballs and had a blast commenting all day how the presents had "pooh" on them! :)
I made little beehive looking cuppies with little handmade fondant bees on them for all of the guests and a little cake with a sleeping baby being watched over by some little bees for my sissy to take home - Kasey (her hubby) needed some treats too!
For more detail on the bees and the baby - go over to my cake/craft blog!
My mom found some adorable little Pooh decorations online and these little treat boxes to match! I totally get any crafty gene that I may have from her! She made the little candy bar covers welcoming "our little hunny", and she filled the boxes with honey teddy grahams, bit o' honeys and a stick of honey that you can either put on toast or put into a cup of tea! So clever!
This was the basket of prizes for the games!
Here is Christopher Robin's wagon full of drinks for the party guests! I wish I would have taken more pictures! I had a lot of the food themed with tags such as "veggies from Rabbit's garden", "Pooh's honey roasted peanuts", "Tigger's bouncy pouncy cheetos" (which were the twisty cheetos!), "Piglet's ham sandwiches" (I know a little morbid when you think about it, but we also had Piglet's "chicken" salad sandwiches since he is scared of everything!), and "Eeyore's rainclouds" (which were little cups with blue jello and a dollop of whipped cream on top)! They all turned out so cute! But alas - no pics! Sorry!
Here are some more of the decorations. We played a concentration/match game and I made the little papers to cover the answers to look like a patchwork quilt!
As you walk in, there are some Pooh decorations and I decorated Alexis' name for her room which we hung at the top of the stairs (totally my hubby's idea! Good one honey!)
A close up of the name. To see more, go to my cake/craft blog!

For my present to my sissy, I also made a diaper cake and filled it with goodies. We also used this as a game - which I totally was almost lynched over!! The game was this...I left the diaper cake out in PLAIN view for the first HOUR of the shower! So everyone could get a good look at it! It was pointed out by my family members as others arrived to make NOTE of it! Then when we put the game into play, I picked up the diaper cake - held it up, asked everyone if they had seen the take one last quick look at it...and then as I was walking out of the room with it, I told them that it was part of a game - to write down as many items as they could that were ON the cake display. OMG - you would have thought that my little basket of prizes included a large wad of cash that was to be won...because everyone got all angry, jumpy, irritated, rude, hmmm what other adjectives can I use...PISSED! As I walked back into the room WITHOUT the cake, everyone was telling me they did not get a good enough look, my back was to them, etc, etc...and surprisingly, one of the people sitting CLOSEST to the damn thing was the MOST ANGRY! I said, it was right by you for the first hour of the shower...and I walked out of the room before I got a beat down!! Sheesh people! The person who won got a freaking bottle of lotion and some disolvable bath petals - not a million bucks! Anyway, here are a few views. :)

Here is my Sissy, getting ready to open some presents! Look at that cute belly! Hello Alexis!!

Well, we had a lot of fun, some good food, some cute decorations and Melanie walked out with a LOT of stuff! This picture above is not even the half of it! Plus I really stuffed everything in bags so she could get it all into the truck to go home! Love ya sis! Hope you had fun!


Alison said...

Okay, i want this baby shower!! Everything about it is so darling!!! Thanks for linking up to Baby Week at Oopsey Daisy! I am doing a feature on baby showers sometime this month, so this will be a part of it for sure! Have a great weekend!

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Cute Cute Cute!! You did a great job!!