Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So I have to blog about my blog disappointment and irritation!! As you can probably tell, I have quite a few sites that I follow...not so much that follow me. Which is fine, I know I just need time and effort to build my following (and thank you to those that DO follow me! It gets my heart all a flutter when I see a new follower or a new comment on my posts!)
So I try to comment on quite a few of the blogs I follow to make bloggy friends! And even sometimes if the situation arrises, I include a link of a certain post that pertains to the same as my blog friend's post! And I love when I see that people actually take the time to view my link that I have posted! Yeah!!!
However...when I take the time to follow someone - view their blog - help them out with followers by being one of them - and comment on their post...and wait for blogger approval of my comment....and NEVER see my comment post! It really hurts my feeling and perturbes me! (Is that how you spell that word?) Anyway...maybe you have not had this experience yet, but I will tell you what...I have stopped being a follower of that certain person...if they cannot even post my "time out of my day comment" then I am done spending my time on viewing their blog!!


MammaDucky said...

That's such crap! I'm sorry. I realize I do not reciprocate your comment love, but I vow to do so from here on out. I'm more of a lurker but will comment!!!! Much love. Pooh on that person!

the Burtons said...

yeah dont let that person get ya down in the least. your blog is soo super cute and i love learning mommy things !!!!!!!!!!