Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Day

I like to do little treats for the kids on Halloween but I do not always get around to it. This year I did get the time. I just got some little Halloween cups and put together, some candy, a halloween pencil, some glow sticks for the youngest ones, and a package of hot chocolate.
Kaitlyn wanted to do some of her own make-up this year. I just could not refuse! Watching her put on her mascara, I HAD to pull out the camera!!
She did a pretty good job on her make-up!

I am just in love with my daughter! She is so gorgeous!

We went over to my sister's to do a neighborhood trunk or treat kind of thing. My brother and Kyrstin were there too. Kyrstin with her little pumpkin face on her pregnant belly and Jordan, ever the animated comic in his orange jumpsuit...yes the jumpsuit is a FAKE!! :)
My baby Dixie also got a new costume for Halloween, although she was NOT that impressed by it! She would not keep the little fairie antenae on and when we first put it on her, she just sat there is a half way sitting down position, too afraid to move!
Oh, my two little princesses!