Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blog of Love

So I decided I wanted to just write a blog dedicated to things that I have a new found adoration for lately!! Being Thanksgiving and all!
First off, I will tell of my new found blog that I have come to know and LOVE! The blog is for Shanty 2 Chic! I keep finding new stuff all the time that I want to make! I have already made the apothecaries...I just need to download my pics and post them on here! Check Shanty out! They are amazing!! Click below!!

Next item...this past weekend, we went to see the new Sandra Bullock movie, The Blind Side! Oh my was amazing! And I am not sure if it was the hormones or because it was just so touching, but I cried at LEAST 20 times!! If you have not seen this movie...SEE IT! It is a touching story of helping out and making someone's life better for it! If you are like me, you will want to instantly leave the theatre and find a down on his luck youth and help him out! :)

Last but not least, and MOST IMPORTANT is my family! Since it is Thanksgiving, it makes me stop and take notice of my life and how truly blessed I am! Although my husband and I may not always see eye to eye (show me a husband and a wife that do), he is such a good man! He is a caring husband and a wonderful father! And he has stayed with me even through my most hormonal moments...which in the last week, has been very trying!!! Sorry hubby! I have such good kids who always make me smile and laugh! They are so talented and I am so proud of them! My daughter has found a love of reading this year, which makes me so happy! And to hear her spilling out big words that she has learned from school or tv or even from myself, always makes me crack up and then take notice of how big she really is getting! I cannot believe that my little baby will be 9 in 11 days! It makes me so sad! And now with my brother's GF Kyrstin having her baby on the 23rd and seeing that tiny, beautiful face and seeing the pics of my brother with that little girl and feel the love eminate from my computer screen as I look at these pictures, it just makes me so happy and thankful for family all over again! And knowing that I have yet another niece growing in my sister's belly adds even more excitement and love!! I love you all!!!

(This is my daughter, by the way...when she was 1! too cute!!)


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Anti-Supermom said...

That picture is cute stuff~

Happy Thanksgiving to you too - and congratulations Auntie!