Friday, November 6, 2009

My cute little grandpa...

As I was going about my business here at work today, I had to date a paper I was working on and was my little grandpa's birthday! My grandpa has passed away now, 15 years ago.. I love and miss him so much, I wanted to pay a small tribute to him!
He was the cutest grandpa I have EVER seen! I remember always feeling so lucky that I had the cutest grandpa around! He worked for the Ogden City Police Office and I remember thinking how cool that was and that he must be SO tough!
He and my grandma had the best relationship and we so cute together!
My mom has so many pictures of me sitting with my grandpa in his favorite chair! He even let me and my sister do his hair at time!
He had struggled with his back and in the end, with cancer. My mom did not think that we should see him the way he was in the hospital but I recorded a song for him, changing a few words to fit him, but to the song Hero by Mariah Carey. I wanted him to know how much I loved him even though I could not see him!
I know that he was in a lot of pain and by the time he succumbed to the cancer, I knew he was no longer in pain and in a better place.
Every time I performed ANYTHING, I have always known that he was watching me and was proud of me! I still talk to him often and I know he is with me whenever I need him!
Love you grandpa! Happy Birthday!!

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Meeko Fabulous said...

Awwww. Happy birthday to your grandpa. I remember my grandma on her birthday too.