Monday, November 2, 2009


Football season is over - sadly! They always have a banquet for the players and their parents with dinner, awards, and a photo/video montage.
Bowe had kind of a rough season, between starting off the season with hernia surgery and missing the first game - and then the second to last game...first quarter, he broke his collar bone, so he missed the rest of that game and the final game...but he is a football stud, none-the-less!
The captains gave out participation awards to all of the players with their nicknames read aloud and printed on the awards. bowe's favortie thing to call people is "Little Buddy" so that was his nickname!
Smile, Little Buddy!!
Since he missed a couple games - he did not even think that he would get one of the coaches awards...which range between strong defensive player, to most valuable player...but he DID get an award! His heart and soul and love for the game was recognized and he was honored with the award for MVP, Most Valuable Player! We were proud parents!! Go on up and get your award!
We are so proud of you, Bowe!

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