Monday, November 9, 2009

My Nephew, Maguire's Birthday!

My little nephew Maguire, had his first birthday this weekend! I cannot believe how big he is getting! The years never cease to fly by! He was a little tired - poor guy, but it was a cute little party with the family!
Here is Kaitlyn and big Mac!

Maguire and Tavin will be Tavin's first year pretty soon!

Maguire was not all that interested in his presents...Kylee is trying to hold him there and he is NOT having it!

Now Darlene is trying to hold him and make him interested...not working!

Brody made Maguire, his little brother, a bunch of stamped pictures, he was so proud of them! :)

Big Mac was more interested in one of his old balls...not the new stuff!

The birthday was themed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I made the cakes. The small one was just for Maguire to dig in to! (Don't forget to check out the full version of my cakes at my cake blog!)

How many dads does it take to put a bib on a baby? :)

Tavin was LOVING the cake and ice cream!

Poor little Maguire was so tired...he wanted cake, but did not want to have to feed himself, he kept grunting for more spoonfuls of cake!

Since Maguire was not getting into the cake too much, everyone started smashing it up to make him see he could dig into still did not work. Brody is NOT the cake eater...but he got himself a spoon and dug into this cake! It must have been good!!


Maguire with a goatee of cake and icing!

Poor little guy ws obviously SO tired...

Yep, he crashed once we pulled him out of the high chair and got him cleaned up! What a tough day for a little one year old!!


the Burtons said...

that is SUCH a great cake!!!!!! how fun. great pics loks like FUN!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Oh he is a sweetie! I LOVE that cake!! Looks like he enjoyed his personal cake too!